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Coopgames for kids

Coop games for kids are a great tool for raising awareness of mutual aid and solidarity. These games encourage teamwork, creative thinking, problem solving, and help players realize that everyone can win. They are full of surprises and challenges, but most of all, they are fun!

Principles of coop games

Everyone plays
Everyone is having fun
Everyone wins

Coop games rely on collaboration between all players to achieve a common goal. This objective can only be achieved if the players help each other and are united.

The advantages of coop games

To reach the goal of coop play, players must join forces. Thus, these games promote good understanding between the players and involve teamwork.

Coop game is also an alternative to competitive games, especially for children who react badly or who refuse to play for fear of losing. As the players there are allies and not adversaries, all the players win or lose together. The proposed challenge requires the mobilization of each and the concertation of all. It’s not about winning over the opponent but
to team up to win together … or to lose together if the team is badly organized.
In a coop game, players find mutual benefit in helping and getting help.

Skills developed by the kids through coop games

When playing coop games, a child develops various skills that will be useful throughout his life, including teamwork at school and in sports:

  • the respect of others
  • mutual aid
  • solidarity
  • Self-confidence
  • problem solving
  • Communication
  • the pleasure of playing

Perfect for introducing children from a very young age to mutual aid and team spirit, coop games for kids exist for all age groups.

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