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Musical games

Musical games are perfect for introducing your child to music and for group activities. Children love music! It is a moment of discovery where the child becomes familiar with the music, the rhythm, the sounds, the different tones… In addition, these musical activities allow children to develop their coordination and their balance… It is simply a moment of pleasure and relaxation… Among the various animation games to offer your child and his friends at a birthday party, these games are often the most popular.

How to awaken your little one to music?

Singing, dancing and moving to the sound of music are great activities for fostering a child’s musical awakening. You don’t have to be a musician and sing just to play musical games with your little one. The important thing is to have fun. You will find here some ideas for activities to play with music. Singing, dancing and playing with instruments are all ways to awaken your child to music.

Perfect to animate a birthday

Does your child want a festive birthday? Make him dance and sing along with his little music-loving friends! Discover our favorite musical games for an atmosphere of madness… Music games are intended for all children’s parties, from the youngest to the oldest. For the little ones, start by singing nursery rhymes and other songs for babies. For older children, you can organize musical games. Just like indoor games, they can grab their attention, entertain and amuse them without losing control of the party.

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