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Easter games

These fun activities will keep your crew entertained long after the egg hunt ends. There are plenty of ways to stay in the Easter spirit once all of the eggs are found. We think it’s high time everyone got in on the fun, and we are sharing our favorite games to help everyone enjoy this Easter!

Easter Sunday is the perfect time to honor traditions and spend some time outside with your friends or just your family. If you’re celebrating from home this year, there are plenty of fun activities you can plan besides the classic egg hunt.

Who doesn’t love Easter? Spring is in the air. It’s starting to get warm. The sun is shining. What would a gathering with family or friends be without some really good games? From Egg and Spoon race to Easter Egg treasure hunt, these creative Easter games will keep everyone feeling festive right up to dinner time and can be enjoyed right in your backyard! These games for kids will give you some fun alternatives.

Easter games for kids

Easter toss game
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