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Treasure hunt for kids

Treasure Hunt is a very popular game for kids. It can be practiced both indoors and outdoors. This game is both very enriching and allows to occupy children in a fun and educational way… It is very common to organize a treasure hunt on the occasion of a birthday party. Discover our turnkey game kits to print on Treasure Hunt 4 Kids.

Benefits of organizing a treasure hunt for kids

The treasure hunt is a simple game to set up and we can customize the theme as we see fit. All themes become possible from the most common such as pirates or princesses to the most original such as insects or a TV show. The treasure hunt is a game that allows children to work their logical mind and deduction. It allows children to become the hero of the story and to be part of their adventure. It allows children to work in teams and finally to activate their imagination.

How to organize a treasure hunt?

You will have to start by choosing your theme: pirates, fairies, cowboys, Indians … Once this first step has been completed, you will have to think about the common thread of the story. To do this, invent your starting story and then look for the outcome … The common thread will be the different puzzles that will allow you to go from the beginning to the end of the game. Then think of the different puzzles that will allow children to take the next step and lead them to the end of the game.

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