Brain games

Brain games also called smart games include games of observation, reflection, concentration. All ages are good for thinking while having fun. Especially when you know that playing is good for you! Indeed, a lot of scientific research has been carried out in order to know whether or not the puzzle games have real actions on our intellect. Good news, the answer is yes. In addition to promoting the spirit of observation and reflection, brain sport obviously allows you to relax.

Benefits of brain games for kids

It is possible to offer your children logical and thinking games. Besides the fun they provide, these games will participate in cognitive development from an early age. Depending on the medium and the rules of the games, different areas will thus be able to be deepened, such as memory, concentration, adaptation capacities, visual-spatial exploration or even organization. Indeed, if the main objective of these games is to develop your child's abilities, it is also to allow you to have a good time with your family. Before you can offer brain games to your child, you should wait until they have developed enough patience, concentration, understanding and maturity. From 5-6 years old, he will be able to understand and remember simple instructions and to stay in place throughout a game.

While games are meant to entertain your children and make them happy, they can also be a source of learning. To do this, rely on logic and thinking games that will encourage your children to develop their abilities without them even realizing it. Discover our selection of puzzle games, ideal to set up as a family or with a group of children.

Christmas games for kids

Everybody loves Christmas, but it is true that children especially like it; so it is important to prepare games to play with the family or with friends for Christmas. There is nothing better than games and activities to be set up on this theme to wait patiently for the big day. Christmas is without a doubt one of the favorite holidays of children, young and old. To take part in the magic of Christmas, nothing better than offering our dear toddlers Christmas-themed activities. From December 1st, the Christmas festivities begin with Advent. With all these play ideas, you will keep your children busy for a long time. Discover all our games to liven up your days while waiting for Christmas. Christmas games are great ideas for activities to keep your child busy while waiting for Christmas Day or during the Christmas vacations.

A family celebration

The holiday season is a great time to create a special family atmosphere as well as memorable memories for your child. How do you make the magic of Christmas last more than a few hours? Waiting for Christmas can be as exciting as the holiday itself for your child. By involving your child in Christmas preparations, you are teaching your child the fun of celebrating, giving and being together as a family. The time around Christmas is a time when you can create traditions that are unique to your family. The pleasure of Christmas is not only the gifts received, but also the beautiful moments shared on Christmas Day as well as those that punctuated the entire month of December.

Christmas game for kids

Communication games

What is cThis section groups together games which have in common to "make people talk", to facilitate exchanges and communication between players. Here you will find games that allow you to improve your vocabulary, for working, in class and at home, around words and their meaning. This selection includes games for all ages and many different styles, including games that promote oral expression, games to entertain children. Some are great classics and others less well known. There is something for every taste. The game as a major tool for communication, it is obvious!

Benefits of communication games for kids

These activities are group games that are very popular with children. They allow them to develop language, but also their body expression or graphic art. The child expresses himself by speaking, drawing, or with his body. This category includes all the games which are based on communication and expression as a whole. Communication is very important in the development of the child. Developing this through play is a great way to help children verbalize things and events around them and better express what they are feeling. These games are real educational tools that allow children to develop their means of expression while having fun.


Coopgames for kids

Coop games for kids are a great tool for raising awareness of mutual aid and solidarity. These games encourage teamwork, creative thinking, problem solving, and help players realize that everyone can win. They are full of surprises and challenges, but most of all, they are fun!

Principles of coop games

Everyone plays Everyone is having fun Everyone wins Coop games rely on collaboration between all players to achieve a common goal. This objective can only be achieved if the players help each other and are united.

The advantages of coop games

To reach the goal of coop play, players must join forces. Thus, these games promote good understanding between the players and involve teamwork. Coop game is also an alternative to competitive games, especially for children who react badly or who refuse to play for fear of losing. As the players there are allies and not adversaries, all the players win or lose together. The proposed challenge requires the mobilization of each and the concertation of all. It's not about winning over the opponent but to team up to win together ... or to lose together if the team is badly organized. In a coop game, players find mutual benefit in helping and getting help.

Skills developed by the kids through coop games

When playing coop games, a child develops various skills that will be useful throughout his life, including teamwork at school and in sports:
  • the respect of others
  • mutual aid
  • solidarity
  • Self-confidence
  • problem solving
  • Communication
  • the pleasure of playing
Perfect for introducing children from a very young age to mutual aid and team spirit, coop games for kids exist for all age groups.

Easter games

These fun activities will keep your crew entertained long after the egg hunt ends. There are plenty of ways to stay in the Easter spirit once all of the eggs are found. We think it's high time everyone got in on the fun, and we are sharing our favorite games to help everyone enjoy this Easter! Easter Sunday is the perfect time to honor traditions and spend some time outside with your friends or just your family. If you're celebrating from home this year, there are plenty of fun activities you can plan besides the classic egg hunt. Who doesn’t love Easter? Spring is in the air. It’s starting to get warm. The sun is shining. What would a gathering with family or friends be without some really good games? From Egg and Spoon race to Easter Egg treasure hunt, these creative Easter games will keep everyone feeling festive right up to dinner time and can be enjoyed right in your backyard! These games for kids will give you some fun alternatives. Easter games for kids

Halloween party

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st. A very important holiday in most English-speaking countries. This is a very popular time for children who love to be scared during the Halloween party! Whether your party is “fall themed” or full-on Halloween, these Halloween games would be spooktacularly fun!

The origin of Halloween

Halloween is originally a Celtic holiday of Irish origin: the Celtic New Year! About 3000 years ago, the Celtic calendar did not end on December 31, but on October 31. And this last night of the year was the night of the god of death (Samain or Samhain). In October, the nights get longer and the legend tells that the ghosts took advantage of it to visit the living. So to prevent the ghosts from haunting them, the Celts had a few rituals including dressing in terrifying costumes to scare the ghosts and coming together to party on the evening of October 31. Irish immigrants brought the Halloween tradition to the United States!

Dress up to Halloween

From the beginning of October, we decorate the whole house in Halloween colors and we are already thinking about the costumes that all the family members will wear on the evening of October 31. Among the most popular costumes are costumes of witches, ghosts but also other monstrous characters. It's a real horror contest!

Halloween party games for kids

Imagination games

Imagination games are very important in children's development and help to bring out their creative spirit. Here you will find ideas for imaginative games that you can implement with young children. They have great advantages. They allow children to develop their imagination and creativity. They help the child to experiment through play that they might not try in the real world. They allow the child to grow and develop self-confidence while having fun. Moreover, they develop language, thinking and emotional skills. In addition, imaginative play is a stimulant for the brain and can help children in their social and emotional development. When it comes to enhancing your imagination and creativity, games are always fun! You know how important imagination is to improve memory, to develop creativity, to gain self-confidence, to socialize.... Imaginative games are essential for child development.

 How to enhance the child's imagination?

Imaginative children are generally more creative and better able to manage and solve everyday problems. They are better able to share their emotions and interact with their peers. Unfortunately, today's technology such as television and video games do not allow for the development of children's imaginations. It is therefore important to develop games that appeal to children's creativity and imagination. Free play is also an excellent way for children to take time to play and to invent stories through their games. To encourage creativity in children, encourage them to be active in their play, provide them with a multitude of supplies that will allow them to explore the environment, let them make their own choices and mistakes, and let them mess things up and express themselves through play. Then teach them to tidy up. Don't force children to do something they don't want to do and encourage them in their choices and play.

Indoor games

In case of rain or bad weather, the park and outdoor activities are over. Make way for indoor games. If you are lacking in inspiration to distract your child indoors, here are some games perfect for the home. Staying inside the house with the children (and their friends) can quickly become hell, for them as for you! So how do you distract children? When it rains, your children do not know what to play in the house. Many simple games can keep them entertained indoors when playing outside is not possible.

Varied games and activities

To make this moment enjoyable and fun, here is a selection of games, to be done alone or in a group, to keep your children occupied at home. All these activities are perfect for having fun, whether with family or friends. Choose with them the games they want to play and go! Prepare to spend a great afternoon with the kids! Whether they take place at home or outside, there are birthday games for all tastes. The numerous possible indoor activities are the guarantee of a fun-filled snack as soon as they are suitable for children.

Indoor entertainment for a birthday party at home

Whether you live in an apartment or the weather is not mild enough, there are more birthday parties indoors than outdoors. Do not panic. Many activities can be offered at home.

How to organize indoor games well?

Above all, it is worth noting that indoor games are organized under very specific circumstances. You will prefer them in case of bad weather: if it rains or it is particularly cool, the indoor games will allow your children to have fun like crazy while forgetting the weather. In any case, never forget that a successful party cannot be improvised and that there are some precautions that you must take well before D-Day. Indeed, in order to be sure that your party is a success, it is necessary to provide enough space. Move some furniture if necessary. Also tidy up the room and remove fragile or dangerous objects for children.

Mimic party games

Mimic party games are very popular with the youngest, who build themselves by imitating their parents. Mimic games are actually a real way of learning and self-building for children... But what is imitation games really used for in the overall development of the child?

What are the benefits for the child?

Thanks to mimic games, children develop their imagination by inventing scenarios that may or may not be inspired by their life experiences. He builds in his imagination more and more complex interactions, stories and adventures according to his age and his learning. Imitation games provide an environment conducive to creativity. Imitation games are also a way to help children build their own personality. By projecting himself into different situations and roles, the child multiplies his behaviors: merchant, doctor, mum and dad... He thus learns to control his emotions by reproducing certain situations that he may experience in front of adults.

Games to be like the grown-ups

Who has not dreamed as a child of doing like mom or dad? Cooking, ironing or tinkering and playing garage mechanics, there are no limits to the imagination. Beyond copying parents or the grown-ups around them, imitation games are very important for a child's development. By reproducing scenes of everyday life on their own scale, children will learn, develop their motor skills for the little ones but also develop their imagination and build dreams for the future. These games will also help them grow and cross certain stages in life.

Musical games

Musical games are perfect for introducing your child to music and for group activities. Children love music! It is a moment of discovery where the child becomes familiar with the music, the rhythm, the sounds, the different tones… In addition, these musical activities allow children to develop their coordination and their balance… It is simply a moment of pleasure and relaxation… Among the various animation games to offer your child and his friends at a birthday party, these games are often the most popular.

How to awaken your little one to music?

Singing, dancing and moving to the sound of music are great activities for fostering a child's musical awakening. You don't have to be a musician and sing just to play musical games with your little one. The important thing is to have fun. You will find here some ideas for activities to play with music. Singing, dancing and playing with instruments are all ways to awaken your child to music.

Perfect to animate a birthday

Does your child want a festive birthday? Make him dance and sing along with his little music-loving friends! Discover our favorite musical games for an atmosphere of madness... Music games are intended for all children's parties, from the youngest to the oldest. For the little ones, start by singing nursery rhymes and other songs for babies. For older children, you can organize musical games. Just like indoor games, they can grab their attention, entertain and amuse them without losing control of the party.

Running games for kids

Here are some fun running games for kids to keep them active during a party. This year, it's decided, you intend to organize the best birthday in the world for your child! Pick among these ideas for games in the garden for children, which will appeal to girls and boys alike! It’s well known, for a successful birthday party, nothing like funny and fun birthday games and activities. To help you set the mood, here is our selection of birthday running games for kids.

Games to stay healthy

For children and adolescents to grow up healthy, it is important that they are physically active. Children must adopt a healthy lifestyle from a young age to develop good habits that they will keep for life. Physical activity is beneficial at any age.

How can I encourage my children to be active?

It is mainly thanks to you that your children are learning about healthy active living. Take part in regular physical activities as a family. It’s easier when these habits are part of the family’s routine. Choose activities that are appropriate for your children's age and stage of development. Allow plenty of time for your children to participate in structured activities such as organized sports and unstructured activities such as playing in the park.  So why not get creative to keep them active?

Do not wait until the day of the party to prepare the activities! From the classic to the most original, Party Games 4 kids offers a selection of games to liven up the party.

Skill games for kids

Skill games for kids are perfectly studied to solicit physical and cognitive activity in children. Many activities such as bowling or darts allow all children to measure themselves against each other by following rules, which promotes their personal progress. From birth, the child develops through games and toys physical capacities and / or intellectual. However, he did not show interest in skill games until later.

Advantages of skill games

There are all kinds of games, all of which are good for children's development. Each game allows the child to work and implement different skills. The more varied the games, the more profitable they are for the child. The game allows the child to develop his imagination, his creativity. Outdoor games, skill games play an important role in the development of our children because they require logic, precision... and above all perseverance! Skill games allow you to specify and better control your gestures Aiming, throwing, juggling, these are all fun activities that allow you to specify your gestures.

Skill games develop a sense of observation, logic and concentration. Precision is one thing, but many skill games also require a good sense of observation and some logic.

All these games, we understand, require a good dose of reflection and concentration. Caution and perseverance will always be rewarded!

Special occasions and holiday games

Here are some ideas to set up games and actvities for kids about holidays, special occasions and celebrations.

Celebrations are part of our life and punctuate the year. Indeed, many events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter mark a time of year often celebrated with friends or family. But what can we organize so that these festive times become real moments of pleasure to share with the family?

Discover here many ideas that will allow you to celebrate these special moments, have fun with family and share real convivial moments. We provide you with everything you need for a successful celebration. We offer you excellent activities in which you can engage with precise instructions and simple and detailed explanations for each game. Discover for each theme ideas of games and activities to set up with the children so that these moments of celebration become unique and original play times that the children will remember for a long time.

Holidays are days that return frequently throughout the year when we celebrate something special. It could be a public holiday, a religious holiday, or a day that marks an important anniversary. Whatever the occasion, it's fun to celebrate. We can then choose to organize a party with family or friends. But it is true, especially when you have children, that setting up games and activities around the birthday theme makes the party much more fun. This is another way to introduce children to a special event and to share moments of play with the family that strengthen the bonds between all its members.

Treasure hunt for kids

Treasure Hunt is a very popular game for kids. It can be practiced both indoors and outdoors. This game is both very enriching and allows to occupy children in a fun and educational way... It is very common to organize a treasure hunt on the occasion of a birthday party. Discover our turnkey game kits to print on Treasure Hunt 4 Kids.

Benefits of organizing a treasure hunt for kids

The treasure hunt is a simple game to set up and we can customize the theme as we see fit. All themes become possible from the most common such as pirates or princesses to the most original such as insects or a TV show. The treasure hunt is a game that allows children to work their logical mind and deduction. It allows children to become the hero of the story and to be part of their adventure. It allows children to work in teams and finally to activate their imagination.

How to organize a treasure hunt?

You will have to start by choosing your theme: pirates, fairies, cowboys, Indians ... Once this first step has been completed, you will have to think about the common thread of the story. To do this, invent your starting story and then look for the outcome ... The common thread will be the different puzzles that will allow you to go from the beginning to the end of the game. Then think of the different puzzles that will allow children to take the next step and lead them to the end of the game.

Water games for kids

Children are fascinated by the shining, moving and splashing water. They usually like the soft feeling of water flowing over their skin. In addition to cooling your toddler, water games help them develop their motor skills and language. They are also an opportunity to share beautiful moments of pleasure. Playing in the water is undoubtedly one of the favorite activities of children when summer comes! Discover a selection of water games for all ages, to organize outside to cool off in hot weather.

An enriching experience

Playing with water or with sand are pleasant sensory experiences, even fascinating for the child. Indeed, these are two elements that change appearance, shape as many times as you want and provide new sensations on the skin. Suffice to say that you are sure that he will never tire of these games: he can spend hours there while remaining calm and focused. Why ? Simply because it plays for itself. An inexhaustible source of activity, water plays an essential role in the sensory development of children from the very first bath.

Water is a precious resource

One day perhaps, for us too, it will become rare. Wherever there is water, there is life. Water has always attracted men. Cities have been built around water for centuries and centuries. With children, water represents a bonanza of sensory exploration and is the subject of many activities as diverse as they are varied. And it has the advantage of being available and accessible to everyone.


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