Guessing games

Enter guessing games. They are easy, fun and promise wholesome family entertainment. They provide endless fun for kids and also serve as excellent educational activities. These types of learning games can help children improve their analyzing, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Not only will kids learn new things, but they’ll also have fun! What are the best guessing games for kids that you can easily incorporate in the classroom or at home?

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Sardines game

Sardines Game

Sardines Game The best way to think of the Sardines game is as a “reverse Hide and Seek.” Sardines is a very simple game, and is suitable for all types of terrain as it can be played outdoors as well as indoors. The goal of the game is simple: not to be the last to …

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Hands up game with a cotton ball

Hands up Game

Hands up game Hands up is a really fun indoor game that is played with 2 teams. While the children of one team will pass a cotton ball to each other, the children of the second team will have to guess which player has it in his hands at a specific moment of the game. …

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What's in the the box game

What’s in the box game

What’s in the box game. The What’s In The Box Game is a wonderfully simple activity which uses a child’s natural curiosity to move the game forward. It’s great for team competition, too. As the kids play this game, they will start to figure out which are the best questions to ask, especially if there …

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Heads up seven up game rules

Heads Up Seven Up

Heads Up, Seven Up. Heads Up Seven Up is a classic children’s indoor game. Often played in elementary school classrooms, it is a great way to keep children entertained. It is a fun kids birthday party game too that will have your kids guessing and laughing in no time. The classic childrens game of head …

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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek. Hide and seek is a classic game that kids and even adults of all ages can enjoy. This is the great classic of outdoor games! This game with simple rules is one of the children’s favorites. In Hide and Seek, players must hide to avoid being discovered by the “It”. This game …

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