Family Bingo

family bingo

Play a fun game of bingo at your Family Reunion with this indoor game. Bingo is a great way to get to know your family and spend a fun afternoon. This fun spin on bingo can hone your child’s memory skills and is ideal for younger children who are still learning about their family members.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 3 players
  • age: from 4 years old
  • supplies: photos containing pictures of your family members, pen and paper, buttons
  • Played indoors
  • Duration: 20 min

How to play family bingo?

All you will need is nine photos containing pictures of your family members and nine small objects that can serve as markers, such as buttons. Start by assembling the photos in a 3×3 square. Instead of calling out numbers, you call out names such as “mum” or “grandpa” and if the child has a photo of the family members you call, he or she places a marker on top until a line is created. You can play this game with any amount of children by just increasing the amount of photos you use by increments of nine. Playing with multiple players is fun because not everybody will have the same photos. This game is also fun for an older sibling to play with his or her younger siblings.

You can use a bingo game to teach almost every subject. You can literally implement and practice bingo games to teach a variety of different skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking. There are plenty of different ways you can use a bingo game as a teacher or parent.

The educational advantages of the game

  • Increases Mental Flexibility and Alertness
  • Exercises Hand-Eye Coordination
  • learning and listening to the rules of the games
  • Bingo can be used to teach children language skills
  • Children share laughter and excitement with each other
  • Playing bingo can increase mental speed, memory and information retention

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