Outdoor games

Outdoor games

Explore our ideas for games and entertainment for children: indoor games (at home, school) or outdoors (in the garden or in the playground), with balls and balls, chase games , treasure hunts … At school, in the garden or during a birthday party, we often need ideas to amuse children. Whether you are parents, grandparents, animator or teacher, you will find here lots of great ideas to keep the kids busy and have fun with them. Solo, two, four or in a team, these games and animations are adapted to the number of players and their age. From very simple games for toddlers, to slightly more complex games for older children, there is bound to be the game or the animation that you need. Pick ideas from our selection of games and outdoor entertainment for children and go for hours of fun with family or friends.

Outdoor games benefits

Outdoor games give children the opportunity to have a great time while breathing fresh air and enjoying the sun’s rays. Other times, other manners. In the past, parents didn’t hesitate to send their children outside to play. Today, children go outside less often and play for less time.

Outdoor games allow children to exercise physically and to drain their energy overflow. These games also stimulate their appetite, sleep, concentration and learning ability. In addition, playing outside enriches children with a thousand experiences by putting them in contact with nature (sand, earth, snow, water, wind, rocks, trees, etc.). They can also discover the animals, insects and plants that inhabit their environment.

Why is it important to return to play outside?

Play is a fundamental element of childhood and is generally defined by a spontaneous, entertaining activity, with no external purpose. It can be practiced indoors and outdoors. This page is about the game played outside.

Children today are spending more and more time playing console or watching television. It is so much more fun to spend time outdoors with friends. Going outside allows your child to exercise physically and to drain his energy, which is much needed. Because moving stimulates children’s appetite, their sleep, their concentration and their ability to learn.

Outdoor play can help children develop groos motor skills, increase their balance, enhance their coordination and buld muscle strenght. Outdoor play is increasingly seen as essential for the healthy development of children. This theme highlights the benefits of outdoor play on physical health, mental well-being and cognitive and social development in young children.

Outdoor games push the limits of the imagination since space offers more possibilities. It’s also a way to get to know new kids. It can also be an opportunity to bond, as parents, with neighbors, and thus create a social network in the community. Finally, encouraging their children to move allows them to learn a healthy lifestyle, which they can maintain in the longer term.

Each of the four seasons is an invitation to leave the house to play outside and explore the world. In contact with nature, children are enriched by a thousand experiences favorable to their development. It’s also a great environment to learn to push your limits.


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