Wacky Relay

Interactive and Fun Group Activities: Wacky Relay

Wacky Relay is an exciting and hilarious team game where kids complete zany tasks to advance their team. Perfect for birthday parties, school activities, or any group gathering, this game encourages physical activity, creativity, and teamwork while guaranteeing lots of laughter and fun moments.

Game sheet

  • Number of players: from 6 children.
  • Ages: Suitable for children from 6 years and older.
  • Setting: outdoors
  • Play time: Approximately 25 min

Necessary Materials

  • Cones or Markers: To mark the start and finish lines.
  • Task Cards: Cards detailing the wacky tasks to be completed (running backward, hopping on one foot, walking like a crab, etc.).
  • Whistle (optional): To signal the start and end of the relay.Accessories (optional): For specific tasks, such as sacks for sack races, funny hats, etc.
  • Relay Baton (optional): An object to pass between team members.

Detailed Rules for “Wacky Relay”

Game Setup:

  • Divide the children into equal teams.
  • Place cones or markers to indicate the start and finish lines.
  • Prepare the task cards by shuffling them well.
  • Explain the rules and objectives to the children.


  • Each team lines up at the start line.
  • The first child from each team draws a task card and stands at the start line.
  • At the signal (whistle or “Go!”), the first child performs the wacky task to the finish line and then returns to the start line running normally.
  • Upon returning, the child passes the relay baton (or simply tags the next teammate), who then draws a new task card and repeats the process.
  • The game continues until all team members have completed a task.

Ending the Game:

  • The game ends when all members of one team have completed their tasks.
  • Gather all participants to congratulate everyone and, if possible, award small prizes or participation certificates.

List of Wacky Tasks

  1. Run Backward: Run from the start line to the finish line backward.
  2. Hop on One Foot: Hop on one foot to the finish line.
  3. Walk Like a Crab: Move sideways in a crouched position with hands and feet on the ground.
  4. Sack Race: Jump in a sack to the finish line.
  5. Spoon and Ball Race: Carry a ball on a spoon without dropping it.
  6. Roll on the Ground: Roll from the start to the finish line.
  7. Cartwheel: Perform cartwheels for a short distance.
  8. Blindfolded Walk: Walk blindfolded with vocal guidance from the team.
  9. Frog Jumps: Jump like a frog to the finish line.
  10. Dance to the Finish: Dance your way to the finish line.

Variants of the game

  1. Themed Relay: Adapt the tasks to a specific theme, such as animals, superheroes, or professions. For example, hop like a kangaroo, fly like a superhero, or march like a soldier.
  2. Timed Relay: Add a competitive edge by timing each team’s total relay time. The team with the fastest overall time wins.
  3. Obstacle Relay: Incorporate additional obstacles along the course, such as tunnels to crawl through, cones to weave around, or hoops to jump through.
  4. Cooperative Relay: Instead of competing against each other, all teams work together to complete the relay as quickly as possible. Track the overall time and try to beat it in subsequent rounds.
  5. Mystery Task Relay: Introduce a mystery element by keeping the task cards face down. Each participant draws a card without knowing the task until they flip it over at the start line.
  6. Relay with Points: Assign points to each task based on difficulty. Teams earn points for completing tasks, and the team with the most points at the end wins.
  7. Backwards Relay: After completing a task, the participants must return to the start line performing another wacky task (different from the one they completed on the way to the finish line).
  8. Relay with Challenges: Add small challenges that must be completed at certain points along the course, such as solving a riddle, stacking cups, or tossing a beanbag into a target.
  9. Musical Relay: Play music during the relay. When the music stops, participants must freeze in place. They can only move again when the music resumes.
  10. Partner Relay: Pair up participants. Each pair must complete the tasks together, such as running with their legs tied together (three-legged race) or holding hands while performing the tasks.

Wacky Relay is a versatile game with endless possibilities for variation, ensuring that it remains fresh and exciting for kids. These variants can be tailored to suit different age groups, themes, and occasions, making it a perfect choice for any gathering!

Educational Benefits of the “Wacky Relay” Game

  • Coordination and Motor Skills: Performing various wacky tasks helps improve children’s coordination, balance, and overall motor skills.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working in teams teaches children the importance of cooperation, communication, and supporting each other to achieve a common goal.
  • Creativity and Imagination: The unique and amusing tasks encourage children to use their creativity and imagination while completing the challenges.
  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking: Navigating through tasks and obstacles requires children to think critically and solve problems quickly.
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem: Successfully completing tasks and contributing to the team’s progress boosts children’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Social Skills Development: Interacting with peers in a playful environment helps develop social skills such as communication, active listening, and respect for others.
  • Physical Fitness: The game promotes physical activity, helping children stay active and healthy while having fun.
  • Stress and Emotion Management: Participating in a fun, high-energy game helps children manage stress and emotions, teaching them to stay calm and focused under pressure.
  • Perseverance and Resilience: The game teaches children the value of perseverance and resilience as they face and overcome various challenges.
  • Respect for Rules and Fair Play: Playing by the rules and practicing fair play reinforces ethical behavior and respect for others.

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