Indoor games

Indoor games

In case of rain or bad weather, the park and outdoor activities are over. Make way for indoor games. If you are lacking in inspiration to distract your child indoors, here are some games perfect for the home. Staying inside the house with the children (and their friends) can quickly become hell, for them as for you! So how do you distract children?

When it rains, your children do not know what to play in the house. Many simple games can keep them entertained indoors when playing outside is not possible.

Varied games and activities

To make this moment enjoyable and fun, here is a selection of games, to be done alone or in a group, to keep your children occupied at home. All these activities are perfect for having fun, whether with family or friends. Choose with them the games they want to play and go! Prepare to spend a great afternoon with the kids!
Whether they take place at home or outside, there are birthday games for all tastes. The numerous possible indoor activities are the guarantee of a fun-filled snack as soon as they are suitable for children.

Indoor entertainment for a birthday party at home

Whether you live in an apartment or the weather is not mild enough, there are more birthday parties indoors than outdoors. Do not panic. Many activities can be offered at home.

How to organize indoor games well?

Above all, it is worth noting that indoor games are organized under very specific circumstances. You will prefer them in case of bad weather: if it rains or it is particularly cool, the indoor games will allow your children to have fun like crazy while forgetting the weather. In any case, never forget that a successful party cannot be improvised and that there are some precautions that you must take well before D-Day.
Indeed, in order to be sure that your party is a success, it is necessary to provide enough space. Move some furniture if necessary. Also tidy up the room and remove fragile or dangerous objects for children.

Red Light Green Light Game

Red Light Green Light Game. “Red Light, Green Light” is a classic great group game in which one person is a virtual stoplight and gives orders to the other players to stop or go. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. Game sheet number of players: from 3 children age: from 4 years […]

Exquisite corpse

Exquisite corpse Exquisite corpse, also known as exquisite cadaver is a fun drawing or writing game that children will have to do together. With only paper and pencils, children will be able to have fun drawing to obtain results that are often very funny. This indoor game is a graphic design or writing activity to be […]

Creative Drawing

Creative Drawing Creative Drawing is a game where one player begins by drawing something on the paper and passing it to the next person who can add to it. This indoor game is quite fun in large groups because it’s exciting to see what other players have added to the drawing by the time the […]

A to Z Christmas Holiday

A to Z Christmas Holiday. A to Z Christmas Holiday is a playful and writing game to play as a family or with friends to discover and learn in a funny way the Christmas vocabulary! Looking for more fun Christmas games? Then, discover all our ideas of games to set up to celebrate Christmas. Everyone […]

Blind Man’s Bluff

Blind Man’s Bluff. Blind Man’s Bluff is an entertaining game where kids will learn to use their senses other than sight, by trying to catch the other players while blindfolded. This fun game is simple to set up and can be played both indoors and outdoors. One player, blindfolded, must catch another player and identify […]

The verbs charade game

The verbs charade game The verbs charade game is a very fun game, simple to set up, that doesn’t require any equipment. It can be played both indoors and outdoors and is perfect for birthday parties, children’s gatherings or family play. Kids of all ages can enjoy a fun game of charades. Children have to “act out” an […]

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