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The toaster game

The Toaster game

The Toaster game is a fun indoor game that can be easily adapted to children of all ages. Kids inside due to the weather? Get them moving and having fun with the Toaster Game. This game is easy to set up and will ensure great laughter for the children. Game sheet number of players: from 5 …

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Family Talent Show

Family Talent Show

Family talent show is fun, low-cost activity. Talent shows are fun ways for kids and families to express themselves creatively. Family members can choose to showcase anything that they are especially proud of. These group ideas will have the whole family cheering or laughing by the night’s end. This activity is perfect for family gatherings. …

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Just Drop It game

Four corners

Four Corners is an elimination game. Players guess which corner will not be eliminated. It can be played indors or outdoors in pretty much any condition and it has simple and few rules. The game also works well for any age. You can use it to have fun and create a pleasant atmosphere. Game sheet …

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rock paper scissors game

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a friendly game that is played with the hands one against one or against several opponents. Mixing chance and decision making, this little game has its origins in China where it was called “Shoushiling”. The game is hugely popular all over the world. Its simplicity ensures that all age groups can …

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the fashion show game

The fashion show game

The fashion show game is always popular with kids because it allows them to have fun and dress up like grown-ups or even stars! All you need for this activity is some construction paper, toilet tissue, or old newspapers. Play indoors and keep easily the kids busy and entertained during a party. Game sheet number …

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Heads up seven up game rules

Heads Up Seven Up

Heads Up, Seven Up. Heads Up Seven Up is a classic children’s indoor game. Often played in elementary school classrooms, it is a great way to keep children entertained. It is a fun kids birthday party game too that will have your kids guessing and laughing in no time. The classic childrens game of head …

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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek. Hide and seek is a classic game that kids and even adults of all ages can enjoy. This is the great classic of outdoor games! This game with simple rules is one of the children’s favorites. In Hide and Seek, players must hide to avoid being discovered by the “It”. This game …

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