Four corners

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Four Corners is an elimination game. Players guess which corner will not be eliminated. It can be played indors or outdoors in pretty much any condition and it has simple and few rules. The game also works well for any age. You can use it to have fun and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 5 children
  • age: from 5 years old
  • supplies: none
  • Played outdoors or indoors
  • Duration: 10 min

How to play the game “Four corners”?

Play in a square space or mark the space on the floor with chalk or string. This will give you 4 corners. In the center of this square place a circle (a hoop or chalk it) where “It” will be placed.
Number each corner from 1 to 4. “It” closes his eyes and counts to 10. Meanwhile, the other children must place themselves in one of the 4 corners at random. When “It” has finished counting, he says out loud the number representing one of the corners. He opens his eyes. All the children placed in this corner are eliminated. “It” counts again. The remaining children have the option of moving to another corner or staying in the corner they were in. A new number is then called and new children are eliminated.
The game continues in this way until there is only one child left, who will then be “It”.

1- the player placed in the center of the square (“It”) must count from 1 to 10 while closing his eyes.
2- during this time, the other children are placed in one of the 4 corners.
3- when “It” has finished counting, he says aloud a number to indicate one of the corners and then opens his eyes.
4- The children in the corner are eliminated and must sit down.
5- The children standing can stay or move to another corner in the next round.
6- Again, “It” counts, says a number and new children are eliminated. “It” must always eliminate children, otherwise the children who are sitting get up and start the game again.

Attention! If “It” designates a corner in which nobody is standing but all the children are already sitting down, then all the children are allowed to stand up.

Moreover, if there are 4 children left, they will have to choose a different corner and will not be allowed to sit in the same corner.

The educational advantages of the game

  • it makes players more focused within their environment
  • generates fun atmosphere
  • boosts familiarity levels between people
  • opportunity to develop motor skills
  • develops self-confidence
  • encourages team spirit
  • learning and listening to the rules of the game

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