Musical chairs

indoor games for kids: musical chairs

Musical chairs

Musical Chairs is a traditional game that has remained a popular choice for kids parties. Musical chairs is a great classic of children’s games to be performed outdoors or in a large indoor room. You will have to be fast in order to find a seat before the music stops!

Game sheet

• number of players: from 5 children
• age: from 5 years
• equipment: chairs, music station
• Can be played outdoors or indoors (if enough space to circulate)
• Duration: 15 minutes

Musical chairs rules

No fancy equipment or gear needed; just chairs and music, but the chairs do need to be arranged in a certain pattern. Arrange chairs in a circle for the children to sit on. You must put a chair less than the number of participants. Prepare music on your station in advance. Place the chairs with the seat facing out in the form of a circle. Children should be able to easily turn around them. The principle is simple. At the start of the game, the children will have to stand up around the chairs. When you turn on the music, the children start to turn clockwise around the chairs about 1 m from them. When you stop the music, children should quickly sit on a chair. The one without a seat is out of the game. You then remove another chair and start again. The last child seated on the last chair wins the game. Always remember to remove a chair every turn!

The educational advantages of the game

• development of gross motor skills
• speed work
• concentration and attention
• play in community
• learning and listening to the rules of the game

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