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Stick dance party game

Stick Dance

Stick Dance is an engaging and lively group game that requires an odd number of participants, some upbeat music, and a long stick, such as a broom or yardstick. This game promotes spontaneous dancing, quick thinking, and a lot of laughter as players switch partners in rhythm with the music. The unique twist in Stick […]

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Musical Grab Bag game

Musical Grab Bag

“Musical Grab Bag” is an entertaining party game that adds an element of suspense and excitement to any gathering. In this game, party favors are placed in a paper bag, and children stand in a circle. As music plays, they pass the bag around the circle. When the music stops, the child holding the bag

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musical bumps game

Musical Bumps

Get ready for a groovy game of Musical Bumps! In this exciting game, kids will dance to fun music, but they must be quick on their feet because when the music stops, everyone needs to sit down as fast as possible. Let the music guide your moves and get ready for some energetic fun! Game

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Pass the Poison Apple party game

Pass the Poison Apple

Pass the Poison Apple is one of those fun kids’ games that’s always a hit at parties, especially Princess party! All princess fans will love this fun and creative princess party game! It is fun and simple and can be incorporated into any type of Princess party that you hold, whether it be a Disney

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Halloween Monster Freeze dance

Monster Freeze Dance

Halloween Monster Freeze Dance Monster Freeze Dance is a fun game, which encourages kids to show off their best dance moves and look as scary as possible. Welcome to the dance of skeletons, vampires and other terrifying beasts to Halloween music! Get the Halloween party started right with the Monster mash freeze dance! Start the

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Pass the parcel game

Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel is a classic game that was traditionally played at birthday parties. The idea is to pass around a parcel wrapped in many layers that has a gift in the middle. Children work on gross motor skills and attention. It can be played with two people (passing from one side to the other),

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guess that song challenge

Guess that song challenge

Guess that song challenge For the Guess-that-song challenge, put together a playlist with the kids. Play parts of songs at random and watch the kids have a blast as they blurt out the titles!. You can play indoors with your family for a rainy day or to keep the kids busy during a party. Game

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Freeze dance party game

Freeze dance

Freeze Dance. Freeze Dance is a delightful game. It can be played solo or with a group of friends. It is a classic children’s indoor game with simple rules: when the music is playing, you dance and when the music stops, you freeze!  This party game is loved by kids of all ages and we’ll

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How to play the Hot Potato Game

Hot Potato

The Hot Potato Game Laughter is guaranteed with the Hot Potato Game to be organized with a group of children for the birthday animation! The Hot Potato is an easy to play game that reinforces hand-eye coordination and attention. Perfect activity for an indoor or outdoor Kids birthday party. Game sheet number of players: from

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Balloon burst party game for kids

Balloon Burst game

Balloon Burst game Balloon Burst is a fun game to play at a kids birthday party. This is an indoor game game that requires music and balloons. It is a very fun game to keep the kids busy during a party. Also discover all our other game ideas to easily animate a birthday! Game sheet

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indoor games for kids: musical chairs

Musical chairs

Musical chairs Musical Chairs is a timeless and engaging game that has entertained children for generations. This lively activity is perfect for birthday parties, school events, or a fun day at the park. With its simple rules and infectious energy, Musical Chairs promises laughter and excitement for kids of all ages. Game sheet Number of

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