musical game

Pass the parcel game

Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel is a classic game that was traditionally played at birthday parties. The idea is to pass around a parcel wrapped in many layers that has a gift in the middle. Children work on gross motor skills and attention. It can be played with two people (passing from one side to the other), …

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guess that song challenge

Guess that song challenge

Guess that song challenge For the Guess-that-song challenge, put together a playlist with the kids. Play parts of songs at random and watch the kids have a blast as they blurt out the titles!. You can play indoors with your family for a rainy day or to keep the kids busy during a party. Game …

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Freeze dance party game

Freeze dance

Freeze Dance. Freeze Dance is a delightful game. It can be played solo or with a group of friends. It is a classic children’s indoor game with simple rules: when the music is playing, you dance and when the music stops, you freeze!  This party game is loved by kids of all ages and we’ll …

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How to play the Hot Potato Game

Hot Potato

The Hot Potato Game Laughter is guaranteed with the Hot Potato Game to be organized with a group of children for the birthday animation! The Hot Potato is an easy to play game that reinforces hand-eye coordination and attention. Perfect activity for an indoor or outdoor Kids birthday party. Game sheet number of players: from …

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Balloon burst party game for kids

Balloon Burst game

Balloon Burst game Balloon Burst is a fun game to play at a kids birthday party. This is an indoor game game that requires music and balloons. It is a very fun game to keep the kids busy during a party. Also discover all our other game ideas to easily animate a birthday! Game sheet …

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indoor games for kids: musical chairs

Musical chairs

Musical chairs Musical Chairs is a traditional game that has remained a popular choice for kids parties. Musical chairs is a great classic of children’s games to be performed outdoors or in a large indoor room. You will have to be fast in order to find a seat before the music stops! Game sheet • …

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