Monster Freeze Dance

Halloween Monster Freeze dance

Halloween Monster Freeze Dance

Monster Freeze Dance is a fun game, which encourages kids to show off their best dance moves and look as scary as possible. Welcome to the dance of skeletons, vampires and other terrifying beasts to Halloween music! Get the Halloween party started right with the Monster mash freeze dance!
Start the music and let the laughter loose as your kids and their friends dance their monster best. This is a fun activity to get any party rocking. Add a dose of holiday fun to your spooky gatherings with all our Halloween games.

Game sheet

  • Number of players: from 4 children
  • Ages: from 5 years old
  • Materials: CD player, Halloween CD
  • Played indoors
  • Play time: 20 min

Halloween Monster Freeze Dance rules

All the children spread out over a predefined area. The music starts and all the children start to dance like a monster. As soon as the music stops, the children must stop moving and have to freeze. Start playing the CDs and stop at random times. The child or children who move are eliminated and so on until there is only one child left. The last monster still dancing is the winner.

Variation: the children dance to the music, and when it stops, they announce the name of a color or an object that they must touch, or a simple command to perform (e.g., pair up, stand on one foot…)

The educational advantages of the game

  • this game generates fun atmosphere
  • it promotes rule-following: ability to follow instructions.
  • promotes development and learning by encouraging children to express
  • helps your preschooler develop motor skills, listening skills, and social-emotional skills.
  • it promotes creativity
  • It is a great way to develop concentration and focus

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