Halloween Pumpkin

How to make Halloween pumpkin

Make a Halloween Pumpkin

Here is an activity that children love but it is essential to do it with the help of an adult. Find out how to make a Halloween pumpkin…

If you want to celebrate Halloween the way it should be, then you have to do the activity of carving the traditional Halloween pumpkin, that famous “Jack-O-Lantern”, which has become the symbol of this holiday!

Making a Halloween lantern with a pumpkin is not very complicated: you just need to be well equipped and not be afraid of getting your hands dirty…


  • a pumpkin large and smooth enough for easier carving
  • a knife or a small hand saw
  • a felt tip pen
  • a large spoon or a very solid ladle
  • one or more candles
  • a pair of gloves to protect against possible cuts

The different steps

  • Protect your worktop with a plastic tablecloth …
  • We will first have to open the top of the pumpkin so as to make it like a hat on the head. This will empty it. Trace the outline of the hat with felt. Provide a wide enough opening so that you can slip in with both hands.
  • When you cut your hat, place your knife at about 90 ° to the surface of your pumpkin. The point of the knife should point towards the center and down so that the cap of your pumpkin does not fall to the bottom then, but it is well maintained … Remember to provide a few holes in this hat so that the heat can dissipate when the candles are lit…
  • Gently remove the lid and clean it of its flesh.
  • Then empty the pumpkin using a ladle or a large spoon. You will keep a thickness of about 2 cm around the edges … Remember to separate the flesh from its seeds because you can then prepare a cooking recipe based on pumpkin, including a good soup … It is important that your pumpkin is well hollowed out because this way it will rot less quickly and the light will pass better…
  • Then mark the eyes and the mouth of your pumpkin with your felt pen.
  • Using your knife, incise following the drawing previously made with a felt-tip pen …
  • Once finished, wipe your pumpkin with a cloth and remove any traces of felt that would still remain visible …
  • Place 1 or 2 candles in the heart of your pumpkin depending on its size.
  • Close the cover.

Your lantern is ready. You can visibly set it up on Halloween night while you wait for the children to ring your bell to ask for treats …

Place your pumpkin outside because it will keep at home for a shorter period of time! It will rot very quickly and you will be overrun with midges! Outdoors, it will keep for about 1 week…

Don’t forget to light it up on Halloween night!

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