Christmas games for kids

Everybody loves Christmas, but it is true that children especially like it; so it is important to prepare games to play with the family or with friends for Christmas.
There is nothing better than games and activities to be set up on this theme to wait patiently for the big day.

Christmas game for kids

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Christmas Who Am I - The Great Christmas Guess-Who

Christmas Who Am I?

Get ready for a festive twist on the classic guessing game with “Christmas Who Am I?” This game is perfect for family gatherings, holiday parties, or as a fun activity during the Christmas season. It’s a simple, engaging, and entertaining game that players of all ages can enjoy. It’s a guessing game where each player […]

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Santa's Beard Relay : Christmas game

Santa’s Beard Relay

Get ready for some festive fun with “Santa’s Beard Relay”! This delightful and energetic game is perfect for children’s Christmas parties. It combines speed, teamwork, and a touch of creativity, as kids race to give Santa a fluffy beard. It’s an amusing way to bring the holiday spirit to life and guarantees laughter and joy

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North pole Obstacle Course

North Pole Obstacle Course

Welcome to the “North Pole Obstacle Course”! This festive and fun-filled obstacle course game is perfect for children’s Christmas parties. It brings the magic of the North Pole to life, as children navigate through a series of Christmas-themed challenges. This game not only promises loads of laughter and joy but also encourages physical activity and

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Elf Hide and Seek

Elf Hide and Seek

Get ready to dive into a world of magic and laughter with “Elf Hide and Seek”! This game is a festive twist on the classic hide-and-seek, where one child becomes a mischievous Christmas elf. It’s the perfect activity to liven up a children’s party during the holiday season, combining fun and imagination. Game sheet How

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The Santa's Missing Hat Game

Santa’s Missing Hat

Step into a world of holiday mystery with “Santa’s Missing Hat”! This delightful Christmas-themed game is perfect for family gatherings and children’s parties. Participants turn into little detectives, embarking on an exciting quest to find Santa’s lost hat. It’s a game filled with intrigue, fun, and the joyous spirit of Christmas. Game sheet How to

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The Silent Snowflake game

The Silent Snowflake

Dive into the festive spirit with “The Silent Snowflake,” a captivating game perfect for holiday fun! In this game, children embrace their inner detectives as they play a thrilling game of stealth and deduction. One child plays Santa Claus, trying to guess who quietly snatched the snowflake while their eyes were covered. It’s an excellent

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Christmas Word scramble

Christmas Word Scramble

The whole family will enjoy hilarious fun with this Christmas word scramble game for a fun and challenging holiday kids activity. Bring the magic of Christmas and the fun of wordplay together. Christmas party games or fun ways to get into the holiday spirit. Looking for a quick Christmas activity for kids? This game is perfect for Christmas

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Snowball Relay Race

Snowball Relay race

Snowball and Spoon Relay Race is the Holiday version of the Egg and Spoon race. This Christmas game is perfect for any holiday party! This is an indoor Christmas game because here snowballs are actually replaced by simple cotton balls. While everyone loves Christmas, it’s really a holiday designed for kids. And nothing makes this

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Alphabet Circle Game, Christmas-themed

Alphabet Circle Game

Learn Letters by playing the Alphabet Circle Game.Great warm-up game to sharpen concentration. What a fun way to learn and recognize your letters while having fun at Christmas. The alphabet game is a simple way to enjoy fun with kids. Enjoy an easy yet fun activity with your kids this holiday season. Looking for a

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Pin the nose on the reindeer christmas game

Pin the nose on the reindeer

The “Pin the Nose on the Reindeer” game is a fun version of the “Pin the tail on the donkey” game that kids will love! Looking for a quick Christmas activity for kids? This game is perfect for Christmas parties and events with kids of all ages. Pin the nose on the reindeer or even

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Where's Santa party game

Where’s Santa ?

Where’s Santa is a great twist of the “Wink Murder” party game to get the kids active. Add excitement and intrigue to any kids party or holiday gathering with this fun kids activity.What is great about it is you do not need any equipment to play the game, the rules are pretty simple, and your

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Christmas string maze

Christmas string maze

String Maze is a perennial favorite, but have you considered creating one for Christmas morning? Use string to make a maze indoors where children have to weave their way from start to finish. Game sheet number of players: from 1 child age: from 4 years old supplies: lenghts of string, small gift per player, pencils

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The Human Christmas Tree game

Human Christmas Tree

To play the Human Christmas Tree game, divide your guests into equal teams and ask for a volunteer on each team to be the Christmas tree. Whether you’re throwing a party for adults or kids, Christmas party games can be fun icebreakers that help bring people together. They may even make your party the hit

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Christmas game for kids: scavenger hunt

Christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas scavenger hunt. Littles will love searching the house for clues with this printable Christmas scavenger hunt. This could be a fun game to use at home to keep children occupied during the Christmas holidays. You could use this as a fun Christmas activity during the festive season. Then, discover all our ideas of games

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A to Z Christmas Holiday

A to Z Christmas Holiday

A to Z Christmas Holiday. A to Z Christmas Holiday is a playful and writing game to play as a family or with friends to discover and learn in a funny way the Christmas vocabulary! Looking for more fun Christmas games? Then, discover all our ideas of games to set up to celebrate Christmas. Everyone

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Christmas Minute to Win It game

Christmas Minute To Win It

Christmas Minute To Win It. Christmas Minute to Win It party games are fun and can be played by children of all ages in small or large groups. Whether you’re planning a large indoor holiday party or a small family gathering, these games will bring laughter and fun. They are as much fun to play

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Christmas stocking guessing game

Christmas stocking guessing game

Christmas stocking guessing game. Christmas stocking guessing game is a fun activity that is easy to set up with children. Will they be able to guess what’s inside the Christmas stocking? It is a fun discovery game, where players try to identify what is in the stocking. Discover the description of this indoor game and

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How to do a candy cane hunt

Candy cane hunt

Candy cane hunt. Candy cane hunt is a fun game to set up to keep your children occupied while waiting for Christmas. You can play it inside the house or in the garden. It requires very little material and the children love to go in search of little hidden treasures. All you need is lots

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