Christmas games for kids

Everybody loves Christmas, but it is true that children especially like it; so it is important to prepare games to play with the family or with friends for Christmas.
There is nothing better than games and activities to be set up on this theme to wait patiently for the big day.
Christmas is without a doubt one of the favorite holidays of children, young and old. To take part in the magic of Christmas, nothing better than offering our dear toddlers Christmas-themed activities. From December 1st, the Christmas festivities begin with Advent.
With all these play ideas, you will keep your children busy for a long time.
Discover all our games to liven up your days while waiting for Christmas.
Christmas games are great ideas for activities to keep your child busy while waiting for Christmas Day or during the Christmas vacations.

A family celebration

The holiday season is a great time to create a special family atmosphere as well as memorable memories for your child. How do you make the magic of Christmas last more than a few hours? Waiting for Christmas can be as exciting as the holiday itself for your child.
By involving your child in Christmas preparations, you are teaching your child the fun of celebrating, giving and being together as a family.
The time around Christmas is a time when you can create traditions that are unique to your family.
The pleasure of Christmas is not only the gifts received, but also the beautiful moments shared on Christmas Day as well as those that punctuated the entire month of December.

Christmas game for kids

Christmas game for kids: scavenger hunt

Christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas scavenger hunt. Littles will love searching the house for clues with this printable Christmas scavenger hunt. This could be a fun game to use at home to keep children occupied during the Christmas holidays. You could use this as a fun Christmas activity during the festive season. Then, discover all our ideas of games …

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A to Z Christmas Holiday

A to Z Christmas Holiday

A to Z Christmas Holiday. A to Z Christmas Holiday is a playful and writing game to play as a family or with friends to discover and learn in a funny way the Christmas vocabulary! Looking for more fun Christmas games? Then, discover all our ideas of games to set up to celebrate Christmas. Everyone …

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Christmas Minute to Win It game

Christmas Minute To Win It

Christmas Minute To Win It. Christmas Minute to Win It party games are fun and can be played by children of all ages in small or large groups. Whether you’re planning a large indoor holiday party or a small family gathering, these games will bring laughter and fun. They are as much fun to play …

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Christmas stocking guessing game

Christmas stocking guessing game

Christmas stocking guessing game. Christmas stocking guessing game is a fun activity that is easy to set up with children. Will they be able to guess what’s inside the Christmas stocking? It is a fun discovery game, where players try to identify what is in the stocking. Discover the description of this indoor game and …

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How to do a candy cane hunt

Candy cane hunt

Candy cane hunt. Candy cane hunt is a fun game to set up to keep your children occupied while waiting for Christmas. You can play it inside the house or in the garden. It requires very little material and the children love to go in search of little hidden treasures. All you need is lots …

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