Skill games

Skill games for kids are perfectly studied to solicit physical and cognitive activity in children. Many activities such as bowling or darts allow all children to measure themselves against each other by following rules, which promotes their personal progress. From birth, the child develops through games and toys physical capacities and / or intellectual. However, he did not show interest in skill games until later.

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Mystery Maze: A Thrilling Game of Puzzles and Adventure

Mystery Maze

Mystery Maze is an exciting and educational game where children navigate through a maze filled with obstacles and hidden clues to find the exit. Along the way, they must solve puzzles to advance, making it perfect for birthday parties, school activities, or any group gathering. This game enhances problem-solving skills, coordination, and teamwork. Game sheet […]

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Superhero Training Camp: The Ultimate Kids' Adventure Game

Superhero Training Camp

Superhero Training Camp is an exciting and dynamic game designed to help children “earn” their superhero powers by completing a series of physical and mental challenges. Perfect for birthday parties, classroom activities, or any group gathering, this game enhances various skills while providing endless fun. Game sheet Necessary Materials Detailed Rules for “Superhero Training Camp”

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Secret Mission: The Ultimate Spy Game for Kids

Secret Mission

Secret Mission is an exciting spy-themed game designed to enhance children’s strategy, discretion, and teamwork skills. Perfect for birthday parties, classroom activities, or any gathering, this game turns every child into a secret agent with a mission to complete without being discovered. Game sheet Necessary Materials Detailed Rules for “Secret Mission” List of Mission Ideas

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Dive Into the Middle Ages with The King's Knights Game for a Medieval Adventure.

The King’s Knights Game

“The King’s Knights” is an exhilarating team-based game that transports players into a medieval world of bravery, strategy, and loyalty. This game is designed to engage children in a fun and interactive way, encouraging teamwork, strategic thinking, and a dash of historical intrigue. It’s perfect for birthday parties, educational events, or any gathering where kids

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Wizard's Duel: The Ultimate Magical Battle Game for Kids

Wizard’s Duel: The Ultimate Magical Battle Game for Kids

“Wizard’s Duel” is an exciting and interactive game, perfect for children’s birthday parties or group gatherings. Drawing inspiration from magical and mystical realms, this game transforms kids into wizards and witches for a spellbinding adventure. They’ll use magic wands (crafted from simple materials) and cast spells to earn points. Game sheet Complete Rules for Wizard’s

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The Pop and Stop game

Pop and Stop game

Kids of all ages love blowing bubbles and the Pop and Stop game will appeal to everyone. The kids at your party will love them even more because they’ll be used to play this entertaining game. Bubble games are perfect for an inexpensive party because your only expense on entertainment will be the cost of

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Double Egg relay race

Double Egg Relay

The Double Egg Relay race This Double Egg relay race for kids makes fun activity for a block party, birthday bash, family reunion or Easter season. Get into the Easter spirit with this fabulously fun party game. We’ve got a range of indoor and outdoor games for the entire family. Easter is a time to

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Pinata party game

Pinata party game

The pinata game is a great party activity for kids of all ages! Pinatas come in all shapes, themes and sizes, so it should be easy to find one at your local party store or online. It can’t get any more classic with this super fun game that adds the right amount of excitement and

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Tunnel of legs: relay game for kids

Tunnel of legs

The Tunnel of legs is a relay game that can be played indoors or outdoors. This game is very easy to set up, requires no equipment and will make kids laugh. It will bring excitement and fun to your gathering or kids’ birthday party. If all else fails at a children’s party, relay games can

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balloon confusion game

Balloon Confusion

Balloon Confusion game The point of the Balloon Confusion game is simply to have lots of crazy fun with balloons. They are an inexpensive and fun way to entertain the kids with an endless array of games and activities you can do with them. Balloon games are great fun, whether you are playing with them

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Grab the finger game

Grab the finger

Grab the finger game Grab the finger is a game where children try to grab their neighbor’s finger with their left hand while keeping their other neighbor from grabbing their right one. This fun finger game is the perfect way to target a range of fine motor skills in younger children. This is a very

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Stray dog party game

Stray Dog Game

Stray Dog game Stray Dog is a game that looks like “Blind Man’s Buff” and provides a fun and challenging kids activity that will entertain and engage the whole group. Ideal to be played indoors as well as outdoors, it will put a lot of animation and laughter at a birthday party. The rules are

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The Elephant Walk game for kids

Elephant Walk game

The elephant walk game is a very simple activity to set up that will allow children to let off steam. Big laughs guaranteed. Bring your camera to keep a souvenir of these fun moments. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. As a kid, parties are simply the best. What’s not to love

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What's the time, Mr Wolf ? Kids' party game

What’s the time, Mr Wolf ?

What’s the time Mr Wolf is a classic kids’ party game for children of all ages to enjoy. It is a form of tag played in Australia, Belgium, Canada, the United States, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. Game sheet number of players:

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Up Down Stop Go game

Up Down Stop Go game

Up Down Stop Go is a tricky game to warm up your body and your brain! This is one of the easiest birthday games to set up, as it requires no equipment. However, it quickly becomes difficult as kids quickly get confused as the goal here is to do the opposite of what is asked.

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Bouncy ball toss game

Bouncy Ball Toss

Bouncy ball toss is a sort of hybrid, a mix of darts and inside basketball but much more challenging and exciting than straight basketball or darts by themselves. This is an ideal game to play indoors on a rainy day. Game sheet number of players: from 2 children age: from 5 years old supplies: brown

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Parachute games and activities

Parachute Games

No matter what the age of your children is, they will surely enjoy these fun parachute games for kids. The parachute is a large round canvas with multicolored colors and very solid. It allows to set up not one but many games for real playful moments, exchange in a cooperative spirit. The parachute is made

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