Stray Dog Game

Stray dog party game

Stray Dog game

Stray Dog is a game that looks like “Blind Man’s Buff” and provides a fun and challenging kids activity that will entertain and engage the whole group. Ideal to be played indoors as well as outdoors, it will put a lot of animation and laughter at a birthday party. The rules are easy to learn and fun to play for all ages of children. Kids will have hours of fun as you put your hearing to the test to win this game.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 8 children
  • age: from 5 years old
  • material: two blindfolds a large flat space without obstacles, safe for blindfolded people.
  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Duration: 20 minutes

How to play the Stray Dog Game

Two players are blindfolded. One is a stray dog and the other is the dog catcher. The kids that are not playing make a spread out circle around the two blindfolded players. The dog catcher proceeds to try to catch the dog, and the dog tries to fool the dog catcher. They may both make noise and give false clues to each other. The rest of the children may either give fake clues, real clues, or simply help contain the dog and the catcher and not say anything. Any way you choose to play will be entertaining. If the dog is caught, someone else gets to be the next dog. If the dog is not caught, someone else gets to be the next catcher. One child should only play in one position for two rounds. After two turns, someone else gets to play.

The educational advantages of the game

  • development of gross motor skills
  • develops balance, strategy, listening and touching skills
  • improves bonding opportunities
  • play in community
  • promotes rule-following

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