water game

Hole in the bucket game

Hole in the bucket

“Hole in My Bucket” is a fun and challenging relay race game that requires teamwork and coordination. The objective of the game is to transfer water from a bucket with holes in the bottom to an intact bucket located several feet away. The team that successfully transfers the most water within a given time limit […]

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Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

There is something about playing volleyball at the beach. Maybe it is because the sand cushions falls. Whatever it is, beach volleyball is a favorite for young and old. Some beaches have nets set up for play, or bring your own. Adapt the game to fit the skill levels of younger children or just make

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Water bucket relay game for kids

Water Bucket Relay

When you have enough players, a water bucket relay race is lots of fun. Find out how to play relay games with water buckets for kids, which are fun outdoor activities and games for summer parties. These relay races are easy to play and quick to organize. Check out our website to find the perfect

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Drawing in the sand : game for kids and family at the beach

Drawing in the sand

Drawing in the sand is a fun beach game for the whole family. Beach vacations can be wonderful family getaways if you are well prepared. Of course, sand and water are a combination that invites free play and will trigger most children’s imaginations to create fabulous, undirected games and activities. Goal of the game:We draw

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Water balloon toss game

Water balloon Toss game

The one step water balloon Toss game The One Step Water Balloon Toss Game is ideal outside party game on a warm summer day. Or a spring day. Or a cold winter day, if your kids are brave enough to try! The main objective is to be the last team who hasn’t popped a balloon

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caterpillar race for kids game

Wacky Waiter Game

Wacky Waiter Game Wacky Waiter Game is a very nice outdoor relay game to organize when the weather is nice outside… Holding a plastic tray similar like a waiter does, the player must run with a glass filled with water on the tray to the turn around point and back to the start line to

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Just Drop It game

Just Drop It game

Just Drop It game Just Drop It is a skill game in which children will have to use their reflexes and their sens of observation. This game can be played  indoors or outdoors. It is a very fun game to keep the kids busy during a party. Also discover all our other game ideas to

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coin challenge game

Coin Challenge

Dive into the fun with Coin Challenge, a unique water-based game perfect for hot summer days! This game combines skill, precision, and a splash of excitement, making it ideal for pool parties, family gatherings, or just a playful day outdoors. Suitable for children of all ages, Coin Challenge is a delightful way to encourage hand-eye

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