Special occasions

Special occasions and holiday games

Here are some ideas to set up games and actvities for kids about holidays, special occasions and celebrations.

Celebrations are part of our life and punctuate the year. Indeed, many events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter mark a time of year often celebrated with friends or family. But what can we organize so that these festive times become real moments of pleasure to share with the family?

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Superhero Training Camp: The Ultimate Kids' Adventure Game

Superhero Training Camp

Superhero Training Camp is an exciting and dynamic game designed to help children “earn” their superhero powers by completing a series of physical and mental challenges. Perfect for birthday parties, classroom activities, or any group gathering, this game enhances various skills while providing endless fun. Game sheet Necessary Materials Detailed Rules for “Superhero Training Camp” […]

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Move & Mingle: The Ultimate Icebreaker Game for Team Building

Move and Mingle

“Move & Mingle” is an engaging and interactive game designed to break the ice and foster connections among participants. Your event will be a true success whether you use this game for a corporate activity, classroom game or icebreaker because it’s just one of those perfect “Get To Know You Games”. With these activities, kids,

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Easter Egg Catapult Challenge: Engineering Fun for the Whole Family

Easter Egg Catapult

The “Easter Egg Catapult” game is a dynamic and engaging activity that combines the excitement of Easter with the fun of a physics challenge. This game encourages children to use their creativity and engineering skills to build a simple catapult, which they then use to launch plastic Easter eggs into baskets at various distances. It’s

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Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Ultimate Easter Game

Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt

The “Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt” is a unique twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt, combining the excitement of finding hidden eggs with the challenge of puzzle-solving. This game engages participants in a fun, interactive activity that stimulates their problem-solving skills, teamwork, and the joy of discovery. Perfect for Easter celebrations, family gatherings, or any

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Christmas Who Am I - The Great Christmas Guess-Who

Christmas Who Am I?

Get ready for a festive twist on the classic guessing game with “Christmas Who Am I?” This game is perfect for family gatherings, holiday parties, or as a fun activity during the Christmas season. It’s a simple, engaging, and entertaining game that players of all ages can enjoy. It’s a guessing game where each player

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Santa's Beard Relay : Christmas game

Santa’s Beard Relay

Get ready for some festive fun with “Santa’s Beard Relay”! This delightful and energetic game is perfect for children’s Christmas parties. It combines speed, teamwork, and a touch of creativity, as kids race to give Santa a fluffy beard. It’s an amusing way to bring the holiday spirit to life and guarantees laughter and joy

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North pole Obstacle Course

North Pole Obstacle Course

Welcome to the “North Pole Obstacle Course”! This festive and fun-filled obstacle course game is perfect for children’s Christmas parties. It brings the magic of the North Pole to life, as children navigate through a series of Christmas-themed challenges. This game not only promises loads of laughter and joy but also encourages physical activity and

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Elf Hide and Seek

Elf Hide and Seek

Get ready to dive into a world of magic and laughter with “Elf Hide and Seek”! This game is a festive twist on the classic hide-and-seek, where one child becomes a mischievous Christmas elf. It’s the perfect activity to liven up a children’s party during the holiday season, combining fun and imagination. Game sheet How

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The Santa's Missing Hat Game

Santa’s Missing Hat

Step into a world of holiday mystery with “Santa’s Missing Hat”! This delightful Christmas-themed game is perfect for family gatherings and children’s parties. Participants turn into little detectives, embarking on an exciting quest to find Santa’s lost hat. It’s a game filled with intrigue, fun, and the joyous spirit of Christmas. Game sheet How to

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The Silent Snowflake game

The Silent Snowflake

Dive into the festive spirit with “The Silent Snowflake,” a captivating game perfect for holiday fun! In this game, children embrace their inner detectives as they play a thrilling game of stealth and deduction. One child plays Santa Claus, trying to guess who quietly snatched the snowflake while their eyes were covered. It’s an excellent

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The Halloween Costume Fashion Show

Halloween Costume Fashion Show

The Halloween Costume Fashion Show is a fun and creative Halloween party game for kids. In this game, children get to showcase their Halloween costumes in a playful runway-style fashion show. The highlight of the game is the opportunity for participants to flaunt their spooky, imaginative, or quirky costumes, and a jury or the party

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Witch's Hat Ring Toss Halloween game

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

“Witch’s Hat Ring Toss” is a fun and spooky Halloween game that combines accuracy and skill. The objective is to toss rings onto the pointed tip of a witch’s hat. It’s a perfect activity for Halloween parties, and it can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Gather your friends and family for some witchy

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Blindfolded Gross Ingredient Tasting Halloween game

Blindfolded Gross Ingredient Tasting

Blindfolded Gross Ingredient Tasting is a thrilling and hilarious game that adds a spooky twist to your Halloween celebration. In this game, participants will be blindfolded and tasked with tasting various common foods while being presented with eerie and funny descriptions. The challenge is to guess the true identity of each ingredient, making it a

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spooky obstacle course

Spooky Obstacle Course

Get ready for a spooktacular adventure with the Spooky Obstacle Course! This Halloween-themed obstacle course is designed to challenge your agility, courage, and creativity. Navigate through a series of creepy obstacles, all while embracing the Halloween spirit. Are you brave enough to conquer this eerie challenge? Game sheet Spooky Obstacle Course ideas Variants Remember to

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The Jumble Tumble Game

Jumble Tumble

“Jumble Tumble” is a captivating and interactive word game that puts a creative spin on the classic jumbled word challenge. This game is perfect for engaging kids and promoting teamwork while enhancing their vocabulary and spelling skills. In “Jumble Tumble,” players are divided into two teams, and the objective is to unscramble words using a

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Color Showdown Duel party game

Color Showdown Duel

“Color Showdown Duel” is a fun and easy-to-set-up game perfect for birthday parties or any time kids are looking to have some entertainment. This interactive game will put their quick thinking and color knowledge to the test while providing moments of friendly competition. Let’s dive into the rules of this exciting game! Game sheet Color

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Escape room party game

Escape Room party game

Welcome to the exciting world of “escape room party game”! Escape rooms have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, becoming a fantastic choice for creating an unforgettable party experience, especially for children’s birthdays. These interactive games provide an immersive and thrilling adventure that challenges young minds while fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills. Game sheet Escape

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