Special occasions

Special occasions and holiday games

Here are some ideas to set up games and actvities for kids about holidays, special occasions and celebrations.

Celebrations are part of our life and punctuate the year. Indeed, many events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter mark a time of year often celebrated with friends or family. But what can we organize so that these festive times become real moments of pleasure to share with the family?

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Fill the sand pail game

Fill the Sand Pail

Fill the Sand Pail game Fill the Sand Pail is a classic party game, adopted to the shores in a beach style of fun. We hope you enjoy this beach game. Learn how to transform a simple relay race into a fun, silly or challenging party game for kids of all ages, including adults. We love …

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You crack me up! Easter game

You crack me up !

You crack me up ! Easter game You crack me up is a super fun Easter party game. Who’s got the toughest shell? Be the last person with an un-cracked egg and you win. We’ve got a range of indoor and outdoor games for the entire family. Easter is a time to bring out all …

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Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Dark Easter Egg Hunt (Wild-style) Dark Easter Egg hunt is such a fun twist on an average Easter egg hunt. Have fun playing this wildly version of the classic Easter Egg Hunt with your friends and family! We’ve got a range of indoor and outdoor games for the entire family. Easter is a time to …

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The great Easter race

Great Easter race

The Great Easter race The Great easter race is lots of fun for all the family. Get into the Easter spirit with this fabulously fun party game. Ready or not, it’s time to see who can keep their egg balanced in their spoon while everyone races to the finish line! We’ve got a range of …

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The tumbling Easter Egg game

The Tumbling Easter Egg

The tumbling Easter Egg game The tumbling Easter Egg is a game that everyone will love! Roll your eggs as close as you can to the target egg to earn enough points to win the game. Everyone is sure to love this Easter twist on an ancient classic! We’ve got a range of indoor and …

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the bunnies nest game

The Bunnies Nest Game

The Bunnies Nest game Everyone loves to get a chance to win a prize for very little to no effort at all, and the Bunnies Nest is just the game. We’ve got a range of indoor and outdoor games for the entire family. Easter is a time to bring out all the fun and games. …

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The ultimate egg decorating contest

Egg Decorating Contest

The ULTIMATE Egg Decorating Contest So it’s time for the Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Contest! This friendly competition is sure to create some great memories. Choose plenty of categories so everyone gets a chance to win. It’s the perfect decoration for a the up-coming holiday! Easter is a time to bring out all the fun …

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bunny kisses Easter game

Bunny Kisses

Bunny Kisses game If you’re lucky enough to have a gang of kids around on Easter, try this fun Bunny Kisses game. We’ve got a range of indoor and outdoor games for the entire family. Easter is a time to bring out all the fun and games. Game sheet number of players: from 6 children …

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two truths and a lie icebreaker game

Two truths and a lie

Two Truths and a Lie is an easy ice breaker game, and you won’t need any materials – just a group of people. Here’s an easy-to-play game that’s perfect for getting to know others better. If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends, family or people you’ve just met, Two Truths and …

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The balloon toss game - Icebreaker game

The Balloon Toss Game

The Balloon Toss Game is perfect for small groups of kids, and even better if they’re a little bit shy at first. All you need for this activity is a package of large balloons and, after all, who doesn’t like balloons? This is an ideal Icebreaker game to play indoors with kids at a party …

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Christmas string maze

Christmas string maze

String Maze is a perennial favorite, but have you considered creating one for Christmas morning? Use string to make a maze indoors where children have to weave their way from start to finish. Game sheet number of players: from 1 child age: from 4 years old supplies: lenghts of string, small gift per player, pencils …

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The Human Christmas Tree game

Human Christmas Tree

To play the Human Christmas Tree game, divide your guests into equal teams and ask for a volunteer on each team to be the Christmas tree. Whether you’re throwing a party for adults or kids, Christmas party games can be fun icebreakers that help bring people together. They may even make your party the hit …

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Telephone game rules and funny phrases

Telephone game

The Telephone game is very popular with children. It is easy to set up and requires no special equipment. In addition, it can be played anywhere, whether in the classroom, with the family or at a party. It can also be played at any age, indoors or outdoors. Game sheet number of players: from 5 …

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The balloon pop question quiz game

Balloon Pop Question Quiz Game

The Balloon Pop Question Quiz Game is a high-energy game that incorporates balloon popping and cell phones, so it’s perfect for teens or young adults. It can also be adapted to a variety of language levels. Seriously, teens love this game. It can be played indors or outdoors in pretty much any condition and it …

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Family Talent Show

Family Talent Show

Family talent show is fun, low-cost activity. Talent shows are fun ways for kids and families to express themselves creatively. Family members can choose to showcase anything that they are especially proud of. These group ideas will have the whole family cheering or laughing by the night’s end. This activity is perfect for family gatherings. …

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family bingo

Family Bingo

Play a fun game of bingo at your Family Reunion with this indoor game. Bingo is a great way to get to know your family and spend a fun afternoon. This fun spin on bingo can hone your child’s memory skills and is ideal for younger children who are still learning about their family members. …

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Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

There is something about playing volleyball at the beach. Maybe it is because the sand cushions falls. Whatever it is, beach volleyball is a favorite for young and old. Some beaches have nets set up for play, or bring your own. Adapt the game to fit the skill levels of younger children or just make …

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Water bucket relay game for kids

Water Bucket Relay

When you have enough players, a water bucket relay race is lots of fun. Find out how to play relay games with water buckets for kids, which are fun outdoor activities and games for summer parties. These relay races are easy to play and quick to organize. Check out our website to find the perfect …

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