Special occasions
and holiday games

Here are some ideas to set up games and actvities for kids about holidays, special occasions and celebrations.

Celebrations are part of our life and punctuate the year. Indeed, many events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter mark a time of year often celebrated with friends or family. But what can we organize so that these festive times become real moments of pleasure to share with the family?

Discover here many ideas that will allow you to celebrate these special moments, have fun with family and share real convivial moments. We provide you with everything you need for a successful celebration. We offer you excellent activities in which you can engage with precise instructions and simple and detailed explanations for each game. Discover for each theme ideas of games and activities to set up with the children so that these moments of celebration become unique and original play times that the children will remember for a long time.

Holidays are days that return frequently throughout the year when we celebrate something special. It could be a public holiday, a religious holiday, or a day that marks an important anniversary. Whatever the occasion, it’s fun to celebrate. We can then choose to organize a party with family or friends. But it is true, especially when you have children, that setting up games and activities around the birthday theme makes the party much more fun. This is another way to introduce children to a special event and to share moments of play with the family that strengthen the bonds between all its members.

Christmas stocking guessing game

Christmas stocking guessing game. Christmas stocking guessing game is a fun activity that is easy to set up with children. Will they be able to guess what’s inside the Christmas stocking? It is a fun discovery game, where players try to identify what is in the stocking. Discover the description of this indoor game and […]

Candy cane hunt

Candy cane hunt. Candy cane hunt is a fun game to set up to keep your children occupied while waiting for Christmas. You can play it inside the house or in the garden. It requires very little material and the children love to go in search of little hidden treasures. All you need is lots […]

Tic tac toe Halloween game

Tic tac toe Halloween Game. This Tic tac toe Halloween game is great for kids’ Halloween ​parties or fun at-home games to play in the weeks leading up to Halloween. This game will be perfect to liven up your party, specially for an indoor activity… Celebrating Halloween with kids is an absolute blast, but can […]

Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game

Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game. Add a dose of holiday fun to your spooky gatherings with this Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game. When planning the perfect Halloween party, just choose a few of these hilariously spooky and fun Halloween themed game ideas. This game will be perfect to liven up your party, specially for an indoor activity… […]

Spider Race Game

Spider Race Game Spider Race game would be an awesome addition to a Halloween Party. Hurry to race your spider to the finish line first using only a straw! Here’s a fun and seasonal game for kids that’s super easy to set up for a Halloween party! It also has the advantage of being an […]

Donut Eating Race

Donut Eating Race for Halloween Donut Eating Race is a very fun game ideal for Halloween but also for all birthday parties with children! Can you be able to eat a donut off a string? It’s harder than you think! Race your friends and see who can do it the fastest. Perfect activity for an indoor or outdoor […]

Guess how many ?

Guess how many Halloween game Guess How Many is a fun Halloween game to set up with children at a full party. This game is a little different as it is an animation that can be played alongside the other games throughout the party. Perfect activity for an indoor Kids Halloween party. Game sheet number […]

Halloween Can Knock Down

Halloween Can Knock Down Can Knock Down is a game very popular with children and easily adaptable to the Halloween party. Hosting a fall party? These fun fall games are hilarious for kids, adults and any age in between! Everyone at your party can get involved in the fun with this Halloween-themed knock down game! […]

Wrap the mummy Halloween Game

Wrap the mummy Wrap the mummy is a fun game to play with kids to celebrate Halloween. What if we turn children into mummies? Here’s a traditional game that children love and that can easily be used to liven up a Halloween-themed party. Indeed, this game requires very little material since simple rolls of toilet […]

Halloween Pumpkin

Make a Halloween Pumpkin Here is an activity that children love but it is essential to do it with the help of an adult. Find out how to make a Halloween pumpkin… If you want to celebrate Halloween the way it should be, then you have to do the activity of carving the traditional Halloween […]

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