Double Egg Relay

Double Egg relay race

The Double Egg Relay race

This Double Egg relay race for kids makes fun activity for a block party, birthday bash, family reunion or Easter season. Get into the Easter spirit with this fabulously fun party game. We’ve got a range of indoor and outdoor games for the entire family. Easter is a time to bring out all the fun and games.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 4 players
  • age: from 6 years old
  • materials: 2 whole uncooked eggs for each player
  • Played outdoors
  • Play time: 15 min

The Double Egg Relay rules

This game requires concentration. While the classic egg race is fun and challenging, there are lots of ways you can make the game even more entertaining.

To start this game, you will need to create a start line and a finish line that are about twenty feet apart from each other.
Players will place an egg under their chin and hold it to their neck. They will then put an egg on the ground in front of them. At the start of the game, they have to push the egg to the finish line using their feet or hands while they keep the other egg under their chin and keep from dropping it.
The first person to cross the finish line with both eggs not broken wins the game. If no one completes the game with two eggs intact, the winner is the first person to cross with one egg unbroken.

The educational advantages of the game

  • It generates fun atmosphere
  • helps to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination
  • will help to develop your child’s balance
  • increases coordination skills
  • play in community: social activity
  • promotes rule-following: ability to follow instructions.

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