Simon says

Simon says : party game for kids

Simon says

Simon says is an indoor or outdoor game to play as a group, perfect to easily animate a kids party with a fun and entertaining activity. Simon says is a very entertaining game that calls on your reflexes and requires attention. Easy to set up to animate a birthday party game.

Simon says, always appreciated as much in the playgrounds, requires to be very concentrated and not to be disturbed by the leader who will try by all means to eliminate the players.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 6 children
  • age: from 6 years
  • material: nothing
  • Played outdoors
  • Duration: 15 minutes

Simon says rules

One child is designated to be “Simon” and gets to stand in the front of the room. All the other children must stand an arm’s width apart and should be facing Simon. Once the game starts, Simon will them call out an action for the other children to perform. Listen closely as “Simon” gives you directions. If Simon doesn’t start the sentence with “Simon says”… then the children should not perform the action. Any child that performs an action when they shouldn’t or doesn’t perform it when tghey should, must sit down. The last player standing is the winner and becomes “Simon” in the next round.

Sample actions for Simon to call out :

  • hop on one foot
  • spin in place
  • stick out your tongue
  • raise an arm
  • rub your belly
  • make a funny face
  • wave to a friend
  • touch your nose
  • sing a song

The educational advantages of the game

  • development of gross motor skills
  • learn the name of body parts
  • development of listening and concentration
  • play in community
  • learning and listening to the rules of the game

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