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Parachute games and activities

No matter what the age of your children is, they will surely enjoy these fun parachute games for kids. The parachute is a large round canvas with multicolored colors and very solid. It allows to set up not one but many games for real playful moments, exchange in a cooperative spirit. The parachute is made of spindles of different colors. It has handles that allow children to hold it correctly. But it can be of variable diameter and can have or not a central opening. It is perfect for outdoor activities.
It is a real tool that allows to set up a multitude of games to work on cooperation and team spirit. The small parachute measures 3.60m in diameter, the large parachute measures 6m in diameter and the very large parachute measures 7.30m in diameter.
For many of these games, you can also use a white sheet. Here are some fun games with a parachute.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 4 players
  • age: from 4 years old
  • supplies: a parachute, balls or otgher supplies of your choice dependong on the chosen game.
  • Played outdoor
  • Duration: 30 min

Parachute games and activities for kids

Try these games and find out why parachute is so much fun!

Cat and Mouse

Choose a child to be the mouse. This child will stand in the center and under the parachute. Another child will be designated as the cat and will stand on all fours above the parachute. Remember to take off the shoes. All other children stand around the parachute and hold it by the handles. They must allow the mouse to escape by their movements

Do different games, figures and choreographies with the parachute

  • The sea: the children must swing the parachute up and down
  • The wheel: the children must walk holding the parachute at waist height, in profile and with one hand. They must turn the parachute while keeping it horizontal.
  • The plate: the parachute must be held by the handles and the children must lean back as much as possible without falling so as to stretch the parachute as much as possible.

Parachute Tag

Lift the parachute high overhead. Call one child’s name and have him run to the other side before the parachute comes down and tags them.

The mushroom

The children will raise the canvas in the air and then lower it by placing themselves under the parachute and sitting on the edge. This will form a large mushroom.

Face to face

Form 2 homogeneous teams. Each team will take a place on each side of the parachute by holding the handles. Each team takes the place of a half circle.
Put a ball in the center of the parachute. With the movements, the children will have to score 1 point in the opposite camp. To do this, the ball simply has to come out of the canvas to score a goal.

Round games with a parachute

Do a choreography (e.g. spin the parachute) to the rhythm of a music. You have to stop when the music stops and start again when it starts.

The net

4 children are designated to be fish. The other children hold the parachute. The fish must pass under the parachute. During this time, the other children agree on a signal… When the signal is given (the children have to spot it) then they lower the parachute and have to trap the fish.

Parachute golf

While the players are holding onto the parachute, toss a plastic golf ball onto the parachute. Have the players manuever the parachute to try to get the ball through the hole. When the ball is in the hole, have a caddy go under the parachute to retrieve it and start over. Count the number of waves (golf strokes) it takes the players to get the ball into the hole. Keep track on a scoreboard.

Parachute tug-of-war

Divide the number of players into two teams. Ask the teams to stand on two sides of the parachute, holding it firmly. The task is to pull the opposite team onto their side. Whoever accomplishes this goal faster wins the game.

Kim’s Games with a parachute

Place objects under the canvas. The children can touch one through the canvas and guess what it is. You can also place instruments under the canvas. One child takes a turn going under the canvas, choosing an instrument and making a sound with it. The other children have to guess which instrument it is.


You know the famous game Twister. You can use this canvas to replicate the game by having the children place a foot on red, a hand on blue and so on.

The walk

Children must make the ball go in circles by adjusting their gestures one after the other. The ball must not leave the canvas either from the outside or from the central hole.


The goal here is to take a ball and make it jump high in the air and then recover it in the canvas without making it go out. Make as many throws as possible.

Popcorn Parachute game

Make small waves and place tennis balls on the parachute.


Let the children stand while holding the parachute with either the left or right hand. All of them have to unanimously decide on which hand to use, as they all must be facing one direction. Have an adult, such as the teacher or a parent, supervise the activity. They should instruct the players to do as instructed: sit, stand, move, or pause. The result will be a beautiful merry-go-round formation by the players.


The goal of the game is to flip the parachute. To do this, the children hold the parachute on the ground. When the signal is given, they raise the parachute over their heads and on the second signal they launch the parachute into the air. The goal is for the parachute to land on the ground on the other side.

The educational advantages of parachute games

Parachute games are a great way to entertain and provide exercise to children of all ages.

  • development of gross motor skills : sequence of movements, rhythm, balance
  • improve teamwork skills and spirit cooperation : teamwork and respect for others
  • hand-eye coordination
  • Kids will use a bunch of muscles as they test the effect of different movements on the movement of the Parachute
  • develops creativity and imagination : we can invent a multitude of games, new choreographies to do with this multicolored canvas
  • allows to better situate oneself in space: work on lateralization and orientation
  • learning and listening to the rules of the games

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