The Toaster game

The toaster game

The Toaster game is a fun indoor game that can be easily adapted to children of all ages. Kids inside due to the weather? Get them moving and having fun with the Toaster Game. This game is easy to set up and will ensure great laughter for the children.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 5 children
  • age: from 6 years old
  • supplies: bread, toppings, toaster, extension cord, ball
  • Played indoors
  • Duration: 20 min

How to play the Toaster game?

Place a toaster in the middle of the room and gather all the kids around it in a circle. Put a piece of bread in the toaster to start toasting it. This will be the timer. While the bread is in the toaster, begin passing a ball ( or other object) around the circle. Whoever is holding the ball when the toast pops up must eat the toast with whatever mystery topping you have planned. Toppings could include chocolate, jam, bananas, ice cream, pickles, marshmallows, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, and sweet and sour sauce…. anything ! Just be careful of any allergies (i.E. peanuts) the kids may have. Additionally, some children may not want to eat the mystery topping once they see what it is. If any of the children feel uncomfortable with the challenge, let them select another child from the group that is willing to try.


In a normal game, the leader will have the toppings planned out in the order they want them to appear (i.e. save the best for the last!). As an alternative, the leader can place each of the mystery toppings in the bag. The child holding the ball will then select their topping by closing their eyes and reaching into the bag. Whatever topping they pull out, they eat !
Another variation, which is great if they know each other well, is to have another child select the topping. Place each of the toppings out on display for the kids to see. When a child is caught holding the ball, have either the child on their left or right select from the available toppings for them to eat.

The educational advantages of the Toaster game

  • food discovery
  • works on reflexes
  • keeps kids entertained
  • learning and listening to the rules of the game

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