Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion: A Thrilling Game of Strategy and Fun for Kids

Alien Invasion is an exciting adventure game where children must find hidden “aliens” (objects) and bring them back to their base while avoiding being caught by “government agents.” This dynamic and strategic game is perfect for birthday parties, school activities, or any group gathering. It enhances quick thinking, coordination, and teamwork among kids.

Game sheet

  • Number of players: from 6 children.
  • Ages: Suitable for children from 6 years and older.
  • Setting: outdoors
  • Play time: Approximately 35 min

Necessary Materials

  • Hidden Objects: Small items representing aliens (figurines, balls, toys, etc.).
  • Bases: Designated areas serving as bases for the children (hula hoops, mats, marked zones with cones, etc.).
  • Accessories for Government Agents (optional): Hats, badges, or other distinctive items.
  • Stopwatch or Timer: To limit the game time.
  • Mission Cards (optional): Cards indicating specific missions to add variety to the game.

Detailed Rules for “Alien Invasion”

Game Setup:

  • Hide the objects representing aliens around the play area.
  • Designate bases where the children must bring the found objects.
  • Select a few children or adults to play the role of “government agents.” They will try to catch the other children.


  • The children, playing the role of alien hunters, must find and bring the hidden objects back to their base without being caught by the agents.
  • If a child is tagged by an agent, they must return to the base before resuming their search for another alien.
  • The game can be timed to add an extra challenge. For example, give the children 15 minutes to bring back as many aliens as possible to their base.

Ending the Game:

  • The game ends when the time is up or when all objects have been found.
  • Count the number of aliens brought back by each team or player to determine the winner.

Variants of the game

  1. Special Missions: Add mission cards to diversify the game. For example, some missions might require children to find specific objects or bring them to designated bases.
  2. Multiple Roles: Introduce additional roles such as “scientists” who can help the alien hunters by providing clues or “assistants” who can temporarily disable the government agents.
  3. Team Hunt: Divide the children into teams. Each team must cooperate to find and bring back the aliens while avoiding the agents. The team with the most aliens at the end of the time wins.
  4. Mystery Objects: Include a few mystery objects among the hidden aliens. These objects can have special effects, such as giving bonus points or offering temporary immunity from the agents.

Alien Invasion is the perfect game to spark imagination and strategic thinking among children during parties and school activities. This dynamic game combines adventure and quick thinking for guaranteed fun.

Educational Benefits of the “Alien Invasion” Game

  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: Children must develop strategies to find the hidden objects while avoiding the government agents, enhancing their ability to plan and anticipate the actions of others.
  • Improvement of Coordination and Motor Skills: The game involves running, hiding, and moving quickly, which improves children’s coordination and overall motor skills.
  • Enhancement of Teamwork and Collaboration: Children learn to work together to accomplish missions, strengthening their collaboration and communication skills.
  • Development of Quick Thinking and Decision Making: To succeed, children need to make quick and effective decisions, developing their ability to think on their feet and respond to changing situations.
  • Promotion of Problem-Solving Skills: Finding solutions to avoid agents and successfully bringing objects back to the base encourages problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Stress and Emotion Management: The game helps children manage stress and emotions when being pursued by agents, teaching them to stay calm and focused under pressure.
  • Building Self-Confidence: Completing missions and escaping agents boosts children’s self-confidence, giving them a sense of accomplishment and competence.
  • Social Skill Development: Interacting with other children in a game setting helps improve social skills such as communication, active listening, and respect for rules.
  • Encouragement of Imagination and Creativity: The theme of alien invasion stimulates children’s imaginations, encouraging them to create scenarios and innovative strategies.
  • Respect for Rules and Fair Play: Children learn the importance of following game rules and demonstrating fair play, reinforcing their sense of ethics and respect for others.

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