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Special occasions and holiday games

Here are some ideas to set up games and actvities for kids about holidays, special occasions and celebrations.

Celebrations are part of our life and punctuate the year. Indeed, many events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter mark a time of year often celebrated with friends or family. But what can we organize so that these festive times become real moments of pleasure to share with the family?

Discover here many ideas that will allow you to celebrate these special moments, have fun with family and share real convivial moments. We provide you with everything you need for a successful celebration. We offer you excellent activities in which you can engage with precise instructions and simple and detailed explanations for each game. Discover for each theme ideas of games and activities to set up with the children so that these moments of celebration become unique and original play times that the children will remember for a long time.

Holidays are days that return frequently throughout the year when we celebrate something special. It could be a public holiday, a religious holiday, or a day that marks an important anniversary. Whatever the occasion, it’s fun to celebrate. We can then choose to organize a party with family or friends. But it is true, especially when you have children, that setting up games and activities around the birthday theme makes the party much more fun. This is another way to introduce children to a special event and to share moments of play with the family that strengthen the bonds between all its members.

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