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Family jeopardy reunion game : trivia questions

Family Jeopardy

Family Jeopardy is the perfect family reunion game for your next gathering. Does your family love trivia questions? If so then this could be a perfect game to play at family events. Your family will have a great time while they learn all about their family history. You can’t go wrong! It can be played indors or outdoors. …

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What's in the the box game

What’s in the box game

What’s in the box game. The What’s In The Box Game is a wonderfully simple activity which uses a child’s natural curiosity to move the game forward. It’s great for team competition, too. As the kids play this game, they will start to figure out which are the best questions to ask, especially if there …

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I spy game

I spy game

I spy game “I spy” is a guessing game where one player (the spy or it) chooses an object within sight and tries to make the other children guess it by giving clues one after the other. Other players try to guess the object. You can play indoors for a rainy day, a road trip, …

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exquisite corpse : creative game for kids with words or drawing

Exquisite corpse

Exquisite corpse Exquisite corpse, also known as exquisite cadaver is a fun drawing or writing game that children will have to do together. With only paper and pencils, children will be able to have fun drawing to obtain results that are often very funny. This indoor game is a graphic design or writing activity to be …

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Birthday bash game for kids

Birthday Bash Game

Birthday Bash game Birthday Bash game is an entertaining activity perfect designed to easily liven up a birthday party with kids. It can be played indoors or outdoors. All parents want their kid’s birthday party to be a success. So try our funny games for family parties, birthdays, or any type of gathering with children …

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Who am I game for kids: questions game and riddles

Who am I ?

Who am I ? Who am I is a fun game in which children have to guess the object whose name is written on a piece of paper placed behind their back.  This game can be played  indoors or outdoors. Game sheet number of players: from 4 children age: from 5 years old supplies needed …

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who is telling the truth: communication game for kids

Who is telling the truth ?

Who is telling the truth? Who is telling the truth is a very simple indoor game based on an old American TV show of the same name. It’s a great game for getting the kids to know each other a little bit better than they thought they did! This game is perfectly designed to play …

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