Who is telling the truth ?

who is telling the truth: communication game for kids

Who is telling the truth?

Who is telling the truth is a very simple indoor game based on an old American TV show of the same name. It’s a great game for getting the kids to know each other a little bit better than they thought they did! This game is perfectly designed to play at home and to organize easily a great birthday party for kids.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 6 children
  • age: from 6 years old
  • material: sheet of paper and pencil
  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Duration: 15 minutes

 Rules of the game: who is telling the truth?

Here’s how to play:

1- Have each child write three facts about themselves – facts that no one in the congregation knows – on a piece of paper. Make sure each child writes their name at the top of the page.

2- Collect the sheets of paper and randomly choose 3 of them. Call the 3 children who own these sheets.

3- Read aloud one of the facts that is true for any of these three children. All three claim that the fact is theirs, and the group must then question them to find out who is telling the truth and who is lying. Each child is allowed to ask at least one question of one of the three children.

4- After a series of questions, the group tries to guess who is telling the truth and therefore to relate the fact stated by the adult to the good child. Then continue the game with 3 new children…


The educational advantages of the game

  • work on language
  • thought-provoking game
  • play in community
  • learning and listening to the rules of the game

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