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Up Down Stop Go game

Up Down Stop Go game

Up Down Stop Go is a tricky game to warm up your body and your brain! This is one of the easiest birthday games to set up, as it requires no equipment. However, it quickly becomes difficult as kids quickly get confused as the goal here is to do the opposite of what is asked. […]

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The balloon pop question quiz game

Balloon Pop Question Quiz Game

The Balloon Pop Question Quiz Game is a high-energy game that incorporates balloon popping and cell phones, so it’s perfect for teens or young adults. It can also be adapted to a variety of language levels. Seriously, teens love this game. It can be played indors or outdoors in pretty much any condition and it

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What's in the the box game

What’s in the box game

What’s in the box game. The What’s In The Box Game is a wonderfully simple activity which uses a child’s natural curiosity to move the game forward. It’s great for team competition, too. As the kids play this game, they will start to figure out which are the best questions to ask, especially if there

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Pass it on game , hilarious drawing game

Pass it on Game

Pass it on! A drawing game. We have a new drawing game for you this week: “Pass it on” game. It’s basically a broken telephone game, only in drawing and in writing. Get ready from unstoppable laughs, screams and awesome family memories once you unfold the paper! Indoor game to play as a group with

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What's missing game - memory activity

What’s missing Game

What’s missing game. Test your child’s memory skills with the “What’s missing” game. This is a fun memory activity to boost kids minds. You can use any objects and then just remove one to see if they can guess what’s missing. It is a calm and fun game to liven up varied and playful activities

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murder winks game for kids

Wink Murder

Wink Murder game Wink Murder is a quiet little game that will make children laugh, ideal for occupying them for a birthday. It can be played indoors or outdoors. This game will ask children to be discreet, to observe and to think… It is an ideal game to set up with a large group of

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