Halloween game

The Halloween Costume Fashion Show

Halloween Costume Fashion Show

The Halloween Costume Fashion Show is a fun and creative Halloween party game for kids. In this game, children get to showcase their Halloween costumes in a playful runway-style fashion show. The highlight of the game is the opportunity for participants to flaunt their spooky, imaginative, or quirky costumes, and a jury or the party […]

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Witch's Hat Ring Toss Halloween game

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

“Witch’s Hat Ring Toss” is a fun and spooky Halloween game that combines accuracy and skill. The objective is to toss rings onto the pointed tip of a witch’s hat. It’s a perfect activity for Halloween parties, and it can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Gather your friends and family for some witchy

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Blindfolded Gross Ingredient Tasting Halloween game

Blindfolded Gross Ingredient Tasting

Blindfolded Gross Ingredient Tasting is a thrilling and hilarious game that adds a spooky twist to your Halloween celebration. In this game, participants will be blindfolded and tasked with tasting various common foods while being presented with eerie and funny descriptions. The challenge is to guess the true identity of each ingredient, making it a

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spooky obstacle course

Spooky Obstacle Course

Get ready for a spooktacular adventure with the Spooky Obstacle Course! This Halloween-themed obstacle course is designed to challenge your agility, courage, and creativity. Navigate through a series of creepy obstacles, all while embracing the Halloween spirit. Are you brave enough to conquer this eerie challenge? Game sheet Spooky Obstacle Course ideas Variants Remember to

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The spooky walk halloween party game

The Spooky Walk

The Spooky Walk Halloween party game This Halloween Spooky Walk party game’s twist on musical chairs eliminates all the pushing and running. When the music stops, the kids rush to Halloween images you’ve placed on the floor. Pull an image from a hat. The child standing on that image is out of the game. Add

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Halloween Photo Scavenger hunt

Halloween Photo scavenger hunt

Halloween Photo scavenger hunt A photo or video scavenger hunt will be the hit of your next party in this fun Halloween party game. Use a Halloween scavenger hunt list or a trick-or-treating photo scavenger hunt list as a starting point. Add a dose of holiday fun to your spooky gatherings with all our Halloween

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Halloween Mystery box game

Halloween Mystery Box Game

Halloween Mystery box game The Halloween Mystery Box Game is a popular Halloween Party game that will have players reaching into dark boxes to feel items like eyeballs, bones, guts and fingers. This Halloween, prepare some mystery boxes. Will your guests dare to touch the organs of strange creatures? Hosting a birthday mystery box party

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Halloween Monster Freeze dance

Monster Freeze Dance

Halloween Monster Freeze Dance Monster Freeze Dance is a fun game, which encourages kids to show off their best dance moves and look as scary as possible. Welcome to the dance of skeletons, vampires and other terrifying beasts to Halloween music! Get the Halloween party started right with the Monster mash freeze dance! Start the

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Halloween Pictionary

Halloween Pictionary

Halloween Pictionary Start off the spooky season with Halloween Pictionary. A frightening spin on the classic drawing game. In this Halloween pictionary game, players will try to quickly draw Halloween characters and objects to make their team guess as many as possible in a given time. We can adapt the game for many age groups.

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Tic-tac-toe Halloween game for kids party

Tic tac toe Halloween game

Tic tac toe Halloween Game. This Tic tac toe Halloween game is great for kids’ Halloween ​parties or fun at-home games to play in the weeks leading up to Halloween. This game will be perfect to liven up your party, specially for an indoor activity… Celebrating Halloween with kids is an absolute blast, but can

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Pumpkin toss Halloween game for kids party

Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game

Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game. Add a dose of holiday fun to your spooky gatherings with this Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game. When planning the perfect Halloween party, just choose a few of these hilariously spooky and fun Halloween themed game ideas. This game will be perfect to liven up your party, specially for an indoor activity…

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Guess how many Halloween game

Guess how many ?

Guess how many Halloween game Guess How Many is a fun Halloween game to set up with children at a full party. This game is a little different as it is an animation that can be played alongside the other games throughout the party. Perfect activity for an indoor Kids Halloween party. Game sheet number

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wrap the mummy Halloween game with toilet paper

Wrap the mummy Halloween Game

Wrap the mummy Wrap the mummy is a fun game to play with kids to celebrate Halloween. What if we turn children into mummies? Here’s a traditional game that children love and that can easily be used to liven up a Halloween-themed party. Indeed, this game requires very little material since simple rolls of toilet

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