Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game

Pumpkin toss Halloween game for kids party

Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game.

Add a dose of holiday fun to your spooky gatherings with this Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game. When planning the perfect Halloween party, just choose a few of these hilariously spooky and fun Halloween themed game ideas. This game will be perfect to liven up your party, specially for an indoor activity… All of the games we offer are always geared towards kids, but I guarantee adults will also have fun watching the little ones play the games and maybe participate in them too!

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 2 children
  • age: from 4 years old
  • material: pumpkin or boxes that you will decorate, foam balls of different colors
  • Played indoors

Pumpkin Toss Halloween Game rules

Create pumpkins using cardboard boxes of 3 different sizes. You can also use real pumpkins that you will dig yourself. Assign a number of points to each pumpkin. The largest will get 1 point, the average will get 2 points and the smallest will get 3 points.

Provide foam balls of different colors: 5 balls per color, but you can of course adjust the number of balls as you wish.

Children will play 2 by 2 or more depending on the number of ball colors you have. The goal of the game is simple: you have to score the most points in 5 throws.

Count each child’s points as you go along or at the end by collecting the balls from the pumpkins.

The child who scores the most points can win a candy and the one who has lost receives a small forfeit.

Adapt the number of throws and the distance of the throw according to the age of the children.

The educational advantages of the game:

  • learning the rules
  • play in a community
  • motor skill development
  • review additions

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