Exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse : creative game for kids with words or drawing

Exquisite corpse

Exquisite corpse, also known as exquisite cadaver is a fun drawing or writing game that children will have to do together. With only paper and pencils, children will be able to have fun drawing to obtain results that are often very funny. This indoor game is a graphic design or writing activity to be played in groups…

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 3 children
  • age: from 6 years old
  • supplies: paper, pencils
  • Played indoors
  • Duration: 10 min

How to play Exquisite corpse

The exquisite corpse with a drawing

The first child starts by drawing the head of a man as he wishes without forgetting the neck.

He then folds the sheet to hide the head he has drawn but let the features of the neck appear so that the next player can continue the drawing.

The second child will draw the bust of the character. He will fold the sheet again, letting the last lines appear so that a third child can continue the drawing, this time doing the legs and feet.

Of course, this fun game can be played over and over again. The man is a very easy theme to start with, but you can also choose a completely different theme such as animals, means of transport or anything else that comes to mind.

You can also adapt the number of folds according to the number of children… The sheet can be folded in 3, 4 or even 5 times depending on the number of participants.

The exquisite corpse with words

You can do this game with words to form fun sentences.

The first player writes the beginning of a sentence and hides the first part so that only the last words appear before passing the sheet on to the next player. The next player reads the last words of the sentence and must continue the sentence and so on, leaving only the last words to appear each time.

For example:

Child 1 : the cat does stupid things and unhooks…
Child 2 : and unhooks… the nail from the wall to put back…
Child 3 : to put back… his pants in the basin because he was…
Child 4 : because he was… nice and kind with his friends.
The complete sentence gives a rather delirious result: “The cat does stupid things and unhooks the nail from the wall to put his pants back in the basin because he was nice and friendly with his friends”.

For younger children, you can do this game the same way by following the instructions below.
Adjective + noun + verb + adjective + noun: “Curious children eat a nice ogre”.

The educational advantages of the game

  • work on language or graphics
  • encourage a taste and motivation for writing
  • increase the creative and expressive potential of children
  • enables children to achieve a common goal together
  • support for exchange and dialogue on specific themes
  • collective game that acts on the atmosphere of the group
  • in the classroom, this game helps foster a calm work climate and develop a collective spirit.
  • learning and listening to the rules of the game

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