Guardian of the Tower

The Guardian of the Tower game

Get ready for an adventure where precision, defense, and competition come together in the exciting game of “Guardian of the Tower”! Within a mystical circle, a brave child stands as the guardian, determined to protect the precious tower from the relentless onslaught of other children. But beware, for the attackers armed with a ball are ready to do whatever it takes to knock down the tower and score points!

In this thrilling game, the attackers must showcase their aim and strategy as they attempt to topple the skittle or object placed at the heart of the tower. The guardian, armed with quick reflexes and defensive skills, stands ready to block shots and safeguard the tower’s integrity.

Who will triumph in this exhilarating showdown between the attackers and the guardian? The accuracy of shots, the swiftness of reflexes, and the coordination will all be put to the test in this gripping game that captures the attention of participants of all ages. Perfect activity for an indoor or outdoor Kids birthday party.

Prepare for action, excitement, and bursts of laughter as you dive into the world of ‘Guardian of the Tower’! Are you ready to take on the challenge and protect the tower at all costs?”

Let the adventure begin with the game of “Guardian of the Tower”.

Game sheet

  • Number of players: from 6 children
  • Ages: from 6 years old
  • Supplies: a ball and a skittle
  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Play time: about 20 min

The Guardian of the Tower game Rules

  1. Set up: Mark a circle on the ground where the game will take place. Place a skittle or any other object at the center of the circle to represent the tower. Choose one child to be the guardian.
  2. Objective of the guardian: The guardian’s role is to protect the skittle or object by preventing the other children from knocking it down using a ball.
  3. Objective of the attackers: The other children, the attackers, must throw the ball in an attempt to knock down the tower and score points.
  4. Attacks: The attackers stand outside the circle and take turns throwing the ball towards the tower to try and knock it down. They can move freely around the circle to find the best shooting position.
  5. Tower defense: The guardian must use their hands, feet, or any allowed means to stop the ball and prevent the tower from falling. The guardian can move within the circle but cannot step outside the circle to block shots.
  6. Scoring: If an attacker successfully knocks down the tower, they score a point. If the guardian stops the ball or if the tower remains standing after a shot, no points are scored.
  7. Role rotation: After a certain number of turns or at regular intervals, the role of the guardian can be given to another child, allowing all participants to experience both roles.


  1. Time Limit: Set a time limit, such as 5 minutes, for each round. The attackers must try to knock down the tower as many times as possible within the given time. The guardian can also aim to defend the tower within the time limit.
  2. Shooting Zones: Divide the circle into different zones and assign additional points to attackers who successfully knock down the tower by throwing the ball from a specific zone. This adds a strategic element to the game and encourages attackers to find the best shooting angles.
  3. Mobile Guardian: Allow the guardian to move freely both inside and outside the circle to block shots. This adds an extra level of difficulty for the attackers.
  4. Double Guardian: Instead of a single guardian, designate two guardians to protect the tower. They can work together to defend the tower or compete to see who can stop the most shots.
  5. Mobile Tower: Place the skittle or object on a movable surface, such as a board or balance beam. This makes the tower more unstable and requires additional skills from the guardian to protect it.

Remember, these variations can be adjusted and customized according to your preferences and the age group of the players. Have fun exploring different ways to play the “Guardian of the Tower” game!

The educational advantages of the Guardian of the Tower game

  1. Development of Motor Skills: Children enhance their hand-eye coordination by throwing and stopping the ball. They also improve their gross motor skills by moving within the circle to defend the tower.
  2. Improved Concentration: Children must stay focused and attentive during the game to intercept the attackers’ shots and protect the tower. This promotes the development of concentration skills and sustained attention.
  3. Enhanced Communication Skills: The game encourages children to communicate with each other, whether it’s strategizing as a team of attackers or coordinating movements as the guardian. It strengthens their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  4. Social Skills Acquisition: Children learn to play fairly, respect rules, and consider other participants’ feelings. They also develop skills in managing competition, fostering teamwork, and engaging in positive interactions with their peers.
  5. Stimulates Creativity: The game’s variations allow children to experiment with new rules and devise innovative strategies to protect the tower or score points. It stimulates their creativity and encourages them to find unique solutions.
  6. Resilience Building: The game provides moments of both success and failure, allowing children to develop resilience. They learn to persevere through challenges, manage frustration, and bounce back after setbacks.
  7. Encourages Strategic Thinking: Children must think tactically to find the best shooting positions as attackers or the most effective defensive techniques as the guardian. It develops their strategic thinking and quick decision-making abilities.

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