Full House

Full House ice breaker game

Full House is the best ice breaker game for those who are just getting to know each other in a classroom, for instance. No matter how many people are in the group, you can learn a little about everyone.

Game sheet

  • number of players: at least 15
  • ages: from 6 years old
  • materials: deck of cards
  • Played indoors
  • Play time: 30 min

How to play the Full House Ice Breaker game?

Team building is also a benefit of this game, since every one need to work together in order to finish their task as quickly as possible. When people don’t communicate, they will notice they’re not the winners and they will try harder the next time.
Before you can play, the leader of the game will walk around and hand everyone a card from a deck of cards. Use all the cards except for the jokers.

Give each person a card until all the cards are gone. Tou can collect the cards after each round, but you don’t have to.

Gather everyone to the middle of the area you are playing in with them holding their cards so everyone can read them. Then the leader will call out an arrangement (almost like a poker hand). The people will then find the cards they need to make that arrangement / hand as fast as they can…

After the arrangement / hand has been made, the group will then have time to get to know each other, before you cal out another arrangement.

Some of the arrangements / hands that you can use are Full House, Same number, Same suit, and Straight…

The educational advantages of the game

  • generates fun atmosphere
  • builds relationships and improves team cohesion
  • encourages team spirit
  • improves interpersonal awareness
  • helps to create a relaxed environment
  • learning and listening to the rules of the game

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