Mission Impossible Party game

Mission Impossible party game

Mission Impossible is a treasure hunt style group party game. Do you accept your mission? Large groups will love this game, as it allows everyone to work together towards a common (if not impossible) goal.
Teamwork is crucial, whether you are organizing this game at school, or with friends as a large group game at a birthday party. When you share experiences with your friends, you feel closer to them, creating a strong sense of connection. Plus, everyone likes to work together to win.

A treasure hunt is a fun and satisfying experience for children of all ages.

Game sheet

  • Number of players: from 6 children
  • Ages: from 6 years old
  • Supplies: scavenger hunt list
  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Play time: about 1 hour

Mission Impossible party game rules

Before the activity begins, prepare a scavenger hunt list and make enough copies for each group participating in the activity. If the game is indoors, make sure that each item on the list can be found on site.
However, you can also create a list that requires teams, if possible, to go to different places in order to find the necessary items.
Some examples of items you can include in your list if the groups are playing indoors in the classroom or at home are: a stuffed animal, a red pen, a key, a small spoon, a calculator, a ruler…
The list can also include simple items such as a paper clip, thumbtack, pencil or pen.
If the game is outdoors, add more creative items such as a leaf from a tree, a plastic bag, a yellow flower, a pine cone, a brown, a white pebble… Walk around the area to make sure that the things you asked for are there and at the same time give you ideas.
The first team to complete the entire list and bring them to the person in charge will be declared the winner.
Provide prizes for the winning team and consolation prizes for the other teams.

The educational advantages of the game

  • generates fun atmosphere
  • team work : necessitates that children work in teams.
  • allows you to work on the sense of observation
  • encourages leadership, communication and interaction
  • helps to develop natural curiosity
  • learning and listening to the rules of the game

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