Halloween Photo scavenger hunt

Halloween Photo Scavenger hunt

Halloween Photo scavenger hunt

A photo or video scavenger hunt will be the hit of your next party in this fun Halloween party game. Use a Halloween scavenger hunt list or a trick-or-treating photo scavenger hunt list as a starting point. Add a dose of holiday fun to your spooky gatherings with all our Halloween games.

Game sheet

  • Number of players: from 3 children
  • Ages: from 5 years old
  • Materials: list of items to find, phone or camera
  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Play time: 30 min


This activity can be done anywhere. A couple of good options though are:

  • Your neighborhood : Players can walk around taking photos of items that your neighbors have in their yard that match those on their list of things to find.
  • Mall : At Halloween (or in the weeks leading up to it), stores will have all kinds of Halloween related items and decorations. Players can therefore search all the stores for the items on their list.

List of items for your Halloween Photo Scavenger hunt

This should have all kinds of different Halloween themed items. Most will be easy to find, but try to throw in some items that are harder to find.
To help you, you can use this Halloween scavenger hunt printable. Children will check the box and take a picture of the item found.

List of items for the Halloween scavenger hunt

Bonus task

To make it even more fun and to make the photo scavenger hunt even trickier, consider adding in some bonus tasks that players have to complete. For example, if the children find 2 items together in the same picture then they earn 2 extra points.


The person or team with the most pints at the end wins. This will be calculated based on the number of items they were able to find and take photos of, along with any bonus points they scored, if you choose to offer bonus points.


This will depend on the age of the kids taking part in the activity, although candy usually works well!
Otherwise, Halloween stickers, decals or glowsticks always prove popular with kids.

The educational advantages of the Halloween Photo Scavenger hunt

  • This game generates fun atmosphere
  • Promote rule-following: ability to follow instructions.
  • Boost observation skills
  • Help children develop early learning skills in a fun, relaxed, and natural way
  • Exercise both body and mind
  • Teach Teamwork

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