Red Light Green Light Game

Red Light Green Light game for kids

Red Light Green Light Game.

“Red Light, Green Light” is a classic great group game in which one person is a virtual stoplight and gives orders to the other players to stop or go. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 3 children
  • age: from 4 years old
  • material: none. You only need a large space for the children to run in.
  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Duration: 10 minutes

Red Light Green Light Game rules

Have all the children line up at one end of the room and select a volunteer to be the spotlight. The spotlight will stand at the other end of the room facing the line of children. To start, the spotlight will yell out “green light!” and all the kids line up will start running towards the spotlight. After a few seconds, the spotlight will spin around and yell out “red light!”. Then all the kids running forward will need to spot immediately. Anyone caught moving after the red light has been shouted out will have to move back to the starting position. Keep alternating between green lights and red lights until one of the children reaches the spotlight and tags him. That child will be the spotlight the next round.


  • You can include a “yellow light” command that asks players to move in slow motion.
  • Before yelling “Green Light”, the adult supervising the game chooses a way to move : jumping, crawling, walking backwards…
  • You can allow to yell “red light” more than once in a row.

The educational advantages of the game

  • allows you to expend your energy
  • kids must be alert
  • development of gross motor skills : kids must be controlled in their movements
  • gets kids moving
  • play in community
  • learning and listening to the rules of the game

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