Lonely Farmer

The lonely farmer game

The lonely farmer game

Lonely Farmer is an outdoor game that can be played with a large group of children and allows them to let off steam! It is perfect to animate a birthday party. It requires no equipment to set up, but the larger the play area, the more hiding places, the more fun it is.

Game sheet

  • number of players: from 8 children
  • age: from 5 years old
  • materials: none
  • Played outdoors
  • Playing time: 20 minutes

Lonely farmer Game rules

Select on child to be the lonely farmer who’s missing his cows. The farmer will start the game at the “farm” which is any object or area that you select at the base. All other children will be the cows who go missing. When the game starts, the farmer will close his eyes and count to 20. During this time, the cows will take off and finding hiding places throughout the area. When the farmer finishes counting, he will head off looking for his cows. Since the cows don’t want to get into trouble for leaving the farm, they must sneak back to the farm without getting caught by the farmer. Once they reach the farm, they are safe. If the farmer catches a cow before they reach the farm, the cow is It and will be the lonely farmer the next round. If nobody gets caught, the round ends when “all the cows come home”.


Don’t let the cows have all the fun! Roosters, pigs, and horses like to play as well. For older kids, give the farmer a soft object to use to tag the cows as they return home. Better yet, hire a guard dog to keep watch as the cows come back. Anyone tagged by the guard dog must go back into the field and start again.

The educational advantages of the game

  • generates fun atmosphere
  • exercises physical coordination
  • develops agility and swiftness
  • improves bonding opportunities
  • play in community
  • promotes rule-following

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