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Halloween party

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st. A very important holiday in most English-speaking countries. This is a very popular time for children who love to be scared during the Halloween party! Whether your party is “fall themed” or full-on Halloween, these Halloween games would be spooktacularly fun!

The origin of Halloween

Halloween is originally a Celtic holiday of Irish origin: the Celtic New Year! About 3000 years ago, the Celtic calendar did not end on December 31, but on October 31. And this last night of the year was the night of the god of death (Samain or Samhain). In October, the nights get longer and the legend tells that the ghosts took advantage of it to visit the living. So to prevent the ghosts from haunting them, the Celts had a few rituals including dressing in terrifying costumes to scare the ghosts and coming together to party on the evening of October 31. Irish immigrants brought the Halloween tradition to the United States!

Dress up to Halloween

From the beginning of October, we decorate the whole house in Halloween colors and we are already thinking about the costumes that all the family members will wear on the evening of October 31. Among the most popular costumes are costumes of witches, ghosts but also other monstrous characters. It’s a real horror contest!

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